Why Most Motorcycles Don’t Have Storage Compartments?

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Riding motorcycles is fun. But, all the fun fades away when you want to carry supplies with you while you ride.

You don’t actually get many storage compartments in most motorcycles to keep things when you are riding.

As a motorcycle lover, you might sometime wish that you could go for small grocery shopping on your bike.

But sadly, the only place you will have to store anything is in your pockets. That’s not a very practical solution.

We will discuss in this article, why most motorcycles don’t come with a practical storage compartment.

Why Motorcycles Don’t Have Storage Compartments?

In modern motorcycles, storage is a big issue, as the only space in the name of storage is a small little compartment under the rear seat of the motorcycle. Which is good only for storing the toolkit that comes with the motorcycle

Every since motorcycles became popular, people were looking for something that gives the riding feel of a motorcycle and storage capacity of a scooter.

It is not that no one ever tried adding a storage compartment to motorcycles. In the mid-70s a few big names like Kawasaki, Harley, and Suzuki had a meeting to discuss if they could come up with something that can solve this problem.

But, If they add a storage compartment to the motorcycle. There was no way it could be done without compromising on the riding quality of the motorcycles and making few other compromises that motorcycle enthusiasts would not have liked.

The only way it was possible to do it without making changes to the shape of the motorcycle was reducing the fuel tank capacity by moving the fuel tank under the seat and using the front portion of the motorcycle as storage.

This would be the same as it is done in scooters, which results in a reduced fuel capacity of around 5 liters. Whereas, on motorcycles, it is somewhere from 12-18 liters.

There was a divided opinion between people. Some wanted practicality and some wanted pure performance and the feel of riding a motorcycle.

Adding extra storage compartment to motorcycles would also mean that they would need to completely rethink the design.

Another reason why big companies don’t take the idea of adding storage compartments to there motorcycles seriously is that people would not want to have motorcycles with a reduced fuel capacity of around 5 liters. Because motorcycles don’t give high fuel economy, unlike scooters due to obvious reasons like having large displacement engines.

Few companies have tried making motorcycles with storage compartments that are large enough to accumulate a full-face helmet. Due to which, they had to move the fuel tank under the seat and reduce the fuel capacity. Which gave a feeling of riding a scooter and is not widely accepted by motorcycle enthusiasts.

Motorcycle Storage Compartment

Taking into consideration that most people would prefer a larger fuel tank instead of a storage compartment. Most companies refrain from making bikes with storage compartments.

It is also practical to have more fuel capacity rather than having a storage compartment because you would need a lot of fuel if you go on a motorcycle trip and sometimes you can’t find gas stations for miles when you are away from the city.

But, where do i store stuff when I’m riding?

Where To Store Stuff On Motorcycle?

When you want to go on a long ride, you would need a lot of stuff like snacks, power banks, water bottles.

While there are a few bikes that come with storage compartments, you can still have additional storage on your normal motorcycle.

Motorcycle Storage Accessories:

1. Bags

Bags are the easiest storage option available for daily commuters. You can store your basic stuff like mobile phones, cameras, water bottles, and snacks. Bags are practical and can also be used for other things apart from biking.

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2. Tank Bags

If you feel like carrying a bag on your back is not something you would like. A tank bag would be suitable for you. These bags can be attached to the tank of your motorcycle fuel tanks with the help of a latch. These bags can be a little smaller than your regular bag. But, they are very practical. As you can store your regular stuff in the bag just like you would do with your backpack. Most tank bags come with a transparent top compartment, where you can place your phone and use it for navigation.

If you don’t like the idea of tank bags, there are also bags that you can mount on the back seat of your motorcycle.

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3. Top Box

Top boxes increase your storage capacity by a large margin. If you are going on a motorcycle trip and want to carry a lot of stuff with you, you can also attach a top box on the rear seat of your motorcycle. This will add a lot of additional storage to your motorcycles. Some top boxes can even accumulate a full-face helmet

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4. Panniers Or Saddle Bags

Panniers come in a set of two. These are two storage boxes that attach to the left and right side of your motorcycles back seat. These are huge and add large storage capacity to your motorcycle. Panniers are usually used for long road trips, where you would want to carry fuel and camping materials with you.

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5. Bungee Cords

Talking about camping most camping stuff can be stored inside the panniers. However, to increase the capacity you can use bungee cords to tie your camping tent on the back seat of your motorcycle. This can affect the balance of your bike. So, be careful while mounting anything on your bike and make sure it is aligned in the center of your bike.

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Motorcycles have been around for so many years now. But, there is no practical way till now which allows us to add a storage compartment to a motorcycle without hindering the riding performance and making the motorcycles look somewhat like scooters.

The only practical way is to do aftermarket solutions like adding a tank bag or top box to the motorcycle. Or If you are an adventure lover, adding motorcycle panniers will be the best way to increase storage on your motorcycle.

Ride On!

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