10 Best Motorcycle Gloves – Still Riding Barehanded?

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Are you trying to find out what you must search for to get the right motorcycle gloves?

If so, then you’ve surely reached the right place.

If we question you regarding the most essential safety equipment you can wear when riding your bike, your response would be a “helmet,” without even a second thought.

It is because everyone wishes to stay alive and it’s probably a terrible thing to end up suffering major brain damage.

Also, no one would want a cut or scar, right?

Well, the question was a simple one. But then if we question you that what is probably the second most essential item of protection you might wear? 

The responses can differ, but most riders are going to head for motorcycle gloves and they have a pretty good reason for that.

Because when you fall, your reflexes put your hands in a way that all your weight is on them. Now assume a road incident on a bike, once you let the hands go on the road, you may get too much harm which can end up making your hands unusable for life and you certainly wouldn’t want that because just about every piece of work you execute in your life rely on them, one way or another.

We are concerned about your safety. That’s why we will try to provide you every detail that you need about motorcycle gloves. Continue reading to find out!

Motorcycle Gloves – Your Way to Safety

Motorcycling gloves are usually gloves that are manufactured from leather. These could have chainmail to shield the wrists of the rider against injury, helping to prevent falls when riding in cold areas. Usually, motorcycle gloves have strengthened palms to safeguard the rider from abrasion damage in the case of a misfortune.

types Of Motorcycle Gloves

Before choosing the right motorcycle gloves, you must know their types. They are of five types:

1. Gauntlet Gloves

These fit just like a gauntlet donned by ancient warriors, over your hands. Gauntlet gloves have a protective covering on their knuckles to help secure the hands from damage. Gauntlet-style gloves are greater and arrive with more padding as well.

2. Race Gloves

Racing gloves are produced from synthetic leather and usually weigh lighter. They arrive with more protective fabrics and a more relaxed grip. Race gloves are always entire gauntlet aesthetic gloves to safeguard forearms and also have plenty of carbon armor with Kevlar or other substances for use as safety against quick crashes.

3. Dirt Gloves

Dirt motorcycle gloves are crafted to retain your hands clinging to the handlebars. More accurately designed for dirt bike racing, they are also successful for road trips as well as other styles of riding. These are shorter, and usually, end at the wrist of the motorbike rider.

4. Summer Gloves

Those gloves are intended for the year’s warmest days. Summer gloves allow airflow into them, ensuring that your fingers are protected while you’re riding. These nice motorcycle gloves are created to make your hands cool as well as evaporate sweat via the fabric.

5. Winter Gloves

Riding in the snow and colder weather conditions can be struggling.  Winter motorcycle gloves are developed with heat in mind. They are made with stronger fabric or products to make your hands warmer and protected.

6. Street Gloves

Street gloves are usually called cruising gloves but are different. Street gloves are generally thicker than that of an off-road glove, so they are suitable for all climates. They hold you safe on a cold downhill ride.

7. Adventure/Touring Gloves

They need to be able to shield you from extreme weather, rain, and accidents. They are generally cotton fabrics, and many advanced components are used. These are not inexpensive gloves.

5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Motorcycle Gloves

You surely will have to spend well enough to purchase an ideal pair of gloves for yourself. However, after spending loads of money it can be a bit disappointing to have a pair of gloves with an inaccurate fit. So, selecting the right gloves requires your attention. You can’t only jump into purchasing the loveliest looking motorcycle gloves or those suggested by your colleague. The questions that you need to ask yourself are given next.

1. What Type Of Motorcycle Riding Do You Enjoy The Most?

This is a huge factor in the kind of motorcycle gloves you consider to buy.

2. How Many Hours Do I Ride On An Average?

If you take a lot of 10 to 20 minute (small) journeys and continuously hop on and off your bike, which is a completely different game from spending three or four hours straight on the road, then think more carefully about what you usually do and buy the gloves that will match your style.

3. Do I Ride In Harsh Weather Conditions?

If you’re the type of rider who’s not scared of a little rainy weather then obviously the motorcycle gloves you choose must be able to withstand the harshest climatic conditions while providing excellent grip and keeping your hands clean and comfortable.

4. Do I Ride Vigorously Or Do I Cruise?

You should search for a simplified, more conventional glove, likely made of leather, if you’re riding and take it easy kind of rider. If you’re a violent rider, then you would need more strong carbon and armor gloves. Be truthful with yourself regarding your rider style, and choose a suitable pair of gloves.

5. What Is My Budget?

You will have to look at your budget and then decide which pair of motorcycle gloves to choose.

10 Best Motorcycles Gloves In The Market

We’ve assessed a handful of motorcycle gloves in an attempt to provide you the best. We focused on different types of motorcycle gloves to help as many customers as possible and then when we formed our comprehensive guide, we focused on value, quality, as well as the perspectives of Amazon purchasers. So, let’s begin:

Alpinestars Men’s SP-8 v2 Leather Motorcycle Glove

Alpinestars Men's SP-8 v2 Leather Motorcycle Glove

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These motorcycle gloves are available in all sizes. The Alpinestars also offer many colors of this model like black and grey, black and white as well as just black. The full-grain premium leather design is tough and provides outstanding frictional resistance. This has a uniquely placed advanced microfiber and PU grip layer on the palm as well as thumb, for exceptional grip stability and longevity levels. The unique customizable extension layer between the palm and thumb provides enhanced hand motion range and increased sensitivity while running the systems on the bike.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons.


  • It includes high-quality suede palm and landing reassurance for grip, regulation, and reliability. 
  • The developed third and fourth finger brace, in case of a fall, avoids surface collapse and finger splitting.


  • Some customers complained about the stiffness of the thumb.

Otherwise, this product is amazing for protection.

Alpinestars Men’s SMX-2 Air Carbon V2 Leather Motorcycle Glove

Alpinestars Men's SMX-2 Air Carbon V2 Leather Motorcycle Glove

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These motorcycle gloves are manufactured by Alpinestars and weigh 14.1 ounces. They are available in all sizes from small to 3X-large. It is extremely versatile and freshly developed. The multi-panel major shell building includes full-grain leather as well as a 3D blend for reliability, resistance to friction, and elevated moisture absorption levels. It consists of an advanced, dynamically placed microfiber and PU grip patch on palm and thumb for superb levels of grip strength and endurance. The distinctive configurable extension layer between the palm and thumb offers additional hand gesture variety and higher susceptibility while the systems are being operated on the bike. It includes premium strength suede palm and landing encouragement for grip, handling, and reliability.


  • The revolutionary carbon knuckle shield offers reliable security against harm and breakage. 
  • On the interior, the guard is strengthened with thick EVA foam for enhanced fit, solace, and shock permeability levels.


  • The velcro wrist strap is single-stitched to the backhand side of the glove.

These motorcycle gloves are overall liked by the customers.

2020 Fox Racing Bomber Gloves

2020 Fox Racing Bomber Gloves

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This product is manufactured by Fox Racing and weighs 0.25 ounces. It is composed of 16% Polyurethane, 9% Polyvinyl Chloride, 5% Polycarbonate, 4% Elastane, 43% Polyamide-Nylon, 11% Polyester, 8% Goat Leather, 4% Neoprene. For a comfortable grip, it has a sculpted plastic ballistic knuckle coat and stiffed molded cuff with straps closure. On the Upper surface of the hand, padded goatskin leather is present for increased solace and waterproofing. It has dual layer permeable Clarino palm for increased comfort and longevity with accessibility to the touch screen. It has a silicone lever grip with enhanced domination.

Continue reading to know about the benefits and drawbacks of these gloves.


  • They have hard plastic on them that will not let them break easily.
  • Customers love the touch screen accessibility feature because it makes it easy for them to use phones with these gloves on.


  • There is no curvature to contour the natural flow of a fist.

ILM Air Flow Leather Motorcycle Gloves for Men and Women

ILM Air Flow Leather Motorcycle Gloves for Men and Women

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This item is available in black color and weighs 11.2 ounces. It comes in sizes from medium to extra-extra-large. It has a unique airflow system. It offers optimum durability using air channels placed on the upper side of the hand. For optimum air circulation, leather is always perforated in specific locations without sacrificing the leather consistency. It has an outer security shell for carpals, scaphoid, fingers, palm, as well as the side of the hand. The ILM GRC01 displays improved shock absorbance and improved solace by stifling all tough elements within the shells. It is produced with a dual leather layer and extra foam on places exposed to abrasive particles in an accident scenario (cuff, palm, fingers). The orientation of these components was created to safeguard the hands not only against shocks but also against long abrasions on runways.


  • The goat leather as well as post-shaping gives the handlebars a strong degree of feel. For greater stability, the finger stitch seams are situated outwards.
  • ILM Air Flow Leather Motorcycle Gloves can as well be commonly used as work gloves, cycling gloves, shooting and hunting gloves, and sports activity gloves.


  • Some customers complained about the wear and tear of the glove.

Other than that, these gloves are exceptional for all outdoor activities.

Milwaukee Leather Men’s Premium Leather Perforated Cruiser Gloves MG7500

Milwaukee Leather Men's Premium Leather Perforated Cruiser Gloves

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These gloves are manufactured by Shaf International and weigh 5.7 ounces. It comes in all sizes. It is available in black color. These are high-quality leather perforated cruiser gloves for men. These are thickened gloves, which have gel palm covering. It has knuckles that are smooth and comfortable to provide durability. The gel padding is exceptional for your protection. They have thick leather which provides solace and abrasion resistance in case of a collision. Also, these gloves are stylish and look incredible while riding.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this product.


  • These are designed to provide great comfort, style, and durability for your next ride.
  • The padded gel covering offers solace for the rider.


  • Some purchasers complained that after wearing these gloves, they felt no connection with the bike.

Else, these gloves have an awesome rating on the sites.

Alpinestars Men’s SMX-1 Air v2 Motorcycle Riding Glove

Alpinestars Smx-1 Air V2 Gloves

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It comes in all sizes and weighs 1.1 pounds. It has high-quality leather primary development and mesh structure, and also positional perforation zones and air blend for better durability. It also includes synthetic suede zones and reinforced side cushioning for reliability, extra abrasion resistance, and solace. It provides outstanding impact and abrasion resistance with a strong polymer knuckle safety system. It also features a stretching zone on fingers and forehand for relaxation and enhanced hand motion ability.

The pros and cons of these gloves are mentioned below.


  • The closure of the wrist hoop and loop strap serves to maintain the glove firmly in place.
  • They are extremely lightweight.


  • Some people complained that the velcro started to come apart after a month. 

But these gloves have a reasonable price and customers love these.

Street Bike Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves 09

Street Bike Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves

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These gloves are manufactured by X4 and weigh 3.2 ounces. It is available in all sizes. These gloves secure the knuckles. They are appropriate for Motorcycle Riding, Motocross ATV Dirt Bike, Off-road, Street Bike Riding, MX, and Warmth. Its primary component is polyester/nylon. They have extremely good quality and are comfortable. They also offer armor protection which causes less damage in case of an accident. They are shock absorbent which causes less damage in collapses.

Now, let’s have a look at the pros and cons.


  • They are well padded, comfortable, and breathable.
  • They are shock-resistant as well.


  • They aren’t much abrasion-resistant.

Fox Racing Dirtpaw Race Glove

Fox Racing Dirtpaw Race Glove

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These gloves are manufactured by Fox Racing and weigh 0.2 ounces. They are available in black color and come in all sizes. The dimensions of these gloves are 6.35 x 3.83 x 1.31 inches. They have a year warranty which means you can change them in case of any wear and tear. The body is composed of synthetic, the palm of Clarino, the finger gussets of the stretch blend, and the cuffs are made up of neoprene. The palm has padding which provides protection. They are suitable to use for downhill, cross-country, enduro and trail riding. They consist of a hook-and-loop closing strap.

The benefits and drawbacks of these gloves are as follows.


  • The polyester and upper mesh make it compact and absorbent.
  • The lined Clarino palm and knuckles bring durable safety, and the hook-and-loop seal prevents dirt and dust from coming in and causing discomfort.


  • Some purchasers complained that the opening of the gloves is not stretchable.

Overall, these gloves have an amazing rating on websites, and customers like these a lot.

Full finger Goat Skin Leather Touch Screen Motorcycle Gloves Men/Women

Full finger Goat Skin Leather Touch Screen Motorcycle Gloves Men/Women

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These gloves are available on Amazon. They come in all sizes from small to extra-extra-large. It comes in various colors like green, black, and gray. They are suitable to use in all seasons like spring, summer, autumn, and early winter. The package consists of two gloves. The buckle button can shackle both the left and right gloves around each other to prevent degradation when you are not using them. The legitimate product made of goatskin leather helps make it gentle, adaptable, compact, and sturdy with a longer lifespan. The rough plastics on the finger knuckle as well as foam lining tend to provide more defenses for your hand. This has the characteristic of a touch screen on the index finger to access phones as well as other gadgets without removing the gloves. These are specially designed for men.

The pros and cons are given next.


  • They have a reasonable price.
  • They provide solace and are well made.


  • Some buyers complained that the shield of the gloves doesn’t align with the knuckles.

But most customers love these gloves because of the pros.

Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex Touch Recognition Full Finger Glove

Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex Touch Recognition Full Finger Glove

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These gloves have rank #1 in the Powersports Gloves category on Amazon. They weigh 3.7 ounces and come in youth and adult sizes. They are available in black color. These gloves are composed of 15% Neoprene, 30% Synthetic Leather, 10% Polyurethane, 30% Polyamide, and 15% Polyvinyl. The method of selecting the size of these gloves is according to the palm perimeter while not including the thumb. Particularly in the case of a collision, the Direct Inject Rubber Logos and visuals further secure the back of the hand and finger knuckles from incident impact. This glove model is intended to give you an optimized solution at no extra cost. Lycra finger Gusset is gently cushioned. There is the loop-and-hook strap. Touch Recognition works on the tip of the index finger, not the finger belly.

These gloves will safeguard you. Within 30 days of your order, there is a complete purchase price reimbursement, if you are not satisfied for any cause. For any design fault, there is a 1-year complete replacement guarantee on these gloves after 30 days.


  • They are intended for extraordinarily adaptable use.
  • These gloves can fit in any sport where falls and collisions are popular, from the downhill, mountain, to BMX Biking and even beyond.


  • The interior seams at fingertips feel slightly uncomfortable.

This product is on the top of Amazon in the motorsports category and it has great reasons to be on the top.

Which One To Purchase? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

The answer to this question is only you. We have tried to provide you every detail and review of the best motorcycle gloves out there. Read them carefully. Ask yourself the questions that you must ask before selecting the right pair of motorcycle gloves. After that, look at the reviews provided to you and decide which one to purchase. We hope that this article helped you clear up your mind, and you will be able to proceed further in your Motorcycle gloves buying quest.

Don’t Just Sit There – Make The Move

 You should not think that you don’t need these motorcycle gloves. They are extremely important, just like oxygen gas is essential for you. 

Now, it’s up to you which one to select for your next riding trip on a motorcycle.


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