11 Most Reliable Motorcycle Brands

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Riding down the road at 60MPH comfortably is all dependent on the reliability of your bike.

Well! A reliable motorcycle will not only guarantee your safety but also reduce costs associated with repairs.

In most cases, you will purchase a motorcycle for transportation services in a bid to cut down transport-related costs.

So, when buying a motorcycle, you will find out that many different motorcycle brands offer various products with unique, customizable features and performance.

Just as cars, reliability is an important aspect when it comes to motorcycles. Higher prices associated with motorcycles do not mean that the bike will be free from problems.

Some motorcycle brands have been known to produce quality bike despite the costs. Simultaneously, other motorcycle brands have been riddled with producing motorcycles having both reliability and performance-related issues.

In the world of motorcycle technologies, no brand wants to provide unreliable products, but it is too unfortunate as they are out there.

11 Best Motorcycle Brands in 2020 That You Can Rely On

We have made a list of most reliable motorcycle brands that you can trust.

1. Yamaha


This motorcycle brand in Japan-based and was founded in the year 1955. Yamaha is among the few popular motorcycle brands globally. The brand’s popularity rose as it became a part of the MotoGP, where Valentino Rossi was their elite rider. The best product motorcycle product from Yamaha is the YZF-R6, which has been rated by fans to be best looking by fans of Yamaha. Only 11% of the motorcycles produced by the brand require repair during the initial years. This figure is low when you consider the relatively small number compared to the number of yearly motorcycles manufactured by Yamaha. 

2. Kawasaki


Kawasaki Motorcycle is a reputable brand highly considered among motorcycle enthusiasts. Statistics reveal that about 15% of Kawasaki motorcycle produced will need repairs during the first four years after manufacture. Again, looking at this percentage is small compared to the company’s brand size and production capacity per year. It Kawasaki motorcycle company was founded in the year 1949 but started making motorcycle in the year 1963. Their first slogan was, “Let the good times roll.” The slogan was befitting when you consider the brand also manufacture vehicles and aircraft.

3. Honda and Suzuki


Honda is based in Japan in the year 1946 and started making motorcycles in the year 1955. The Honda motorcycles manufactured around 3 million vehicles in 1982 to be crowned as the most popular brand in that year. The CB500 is the company’s most famous bike to date.


Suzuki is also a Japanese brand that was founded in the year 1909. Suzuki started the production of motorbikes in the year 1952. The brand strength has continued to evolve, making Suzuki be among the most reliable motorcycle brand in MotoGP. These two brands are among the most desired by both experienced riders and new riders.

4. Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is a famous motorcycle brand though its reliability scale is a bit low; about 26%will need some repair in the early years. However, the type of maintenance we are discussing is not regular motorbike maintenance. It experiences a mechanical malfunction. You will love Harley Davidson bikes because of their unique style. This attribute makes it to be the desired bike among the masses. The only problem with this motorbike is that you may be forced to visit the mechanic when your motorbike has not yet attained 4 years after purchase.

Well! Harley Davidson’s popularity is more pronounced in America, where it was founded in 1903. Initially the company was producing a motorcycle that depicts the perfect biker image. However, it is essential to note that Harley Davidson bikes need more maintenance care and repairs not frequently required by other bicycle brands.

5. BMW


BMW motorcycle brand is a reputable name, and it is among the most sought brands of motorcycles globally. BMW has a long history of making motorcycles in Germany. They have been in existence since 1901 but made its first motorbike in the year 1923. After the first model, the company has been making motorbikes during world war one to date. The brand has gained a global reputation. However, despite the better performance, 40% of BMW bikes have been known to be prone to repair issues within the first four years.

6. Ducati


Ducati is a motorcycle brand for Italians the same way Harley is for Americans. The motorcycle company has been the pride of Italy since its inception in 1929. Currently, the brand is owned by Audi. The V-twin engine is one of the distinguishing aspects of this motorcycle. Ducati manufactured its first motorcycle in the year 1950 and has continued to make distinctive motorbikes onwards. The scrambler icon is the most popular Ducati. In terms of reliability, it is critical to note that about 33% of Ducati motorcycles are prone to have mechanical issues before they attain four years.

7. Can-Am


Can-am Motorcycles is a Canada based brand. Bombardier recreational products produce motorcycles. The can-am motorcycle brands are distinctive since they make three-wheeled motorcycles powered using a single rear drive wheel at the front. The bike is a modern concept on the classic snowmobile. Despite the similarities’, it uses chassis, which has similarities with ATV. The manufactures of the Can-am motorcycles refer this bike to the roadsters. However, the appropriate description is trikes. In 2007, the Can-Am spyder was unveiled. Despite the impressive reviews and technology infused in the Can-am motorcycles, it has 42 percent reliability. This is based on the data on the percentage of motorcycles that would require mechanical services before they attain four years of use.

8. Triumph


Triumph stands at the forefront as the maker of the earliest known motorcycles ever. Most of its traditional models remain at the top of the bucket list for a collector. As an attempt to support the Allied War Effort warriors, Triumph manufactured more than 30,000 motorcycles during the First World War. Its production continued to prosper during the Second World War and the post-war period. Currently, Triumph still stands as the UK’s largest motorcycle brand. Some motorcycle models from Triumph, including the Thunderbird, Daytona, Rocket III, are still considered the holy grails of the two-wheeler realm. 

9. Victory


Victory, an American motorcycle manufacturer, began its production in the late 1900s. The parent company, Polaris Industries, announced the end of final operations for Victory motorcycles. A piece of news that took the motorcycle world by the storm. All the models from Victory are direct rivals of the Harley Davidson. Some of the most exciting features of these motorcycles include the V-twin engines, cruiser configurations, and sport touring. Despite the economic profits, many of Victory’s models, including the Vegas, vision, octane, and Magnum, remain at the top of the charts for the classiest models. 

10. Aprilia 


A progeny of the Piaggio, a German brand, is the motorcycle manufacturer- Aprilia. The brand started as a mainstream Motorcycle company but soon expanded its operations to scooters. Some of the coveted motorcycles by Aprilia include the V-twin RSV Mile and the V4 RSV4. These models are infamous among road racers. 

11. Royal Enfield 

Royal Enfield

You must have unquestionably come across a motorcycle made by Royal Enfield. It is an Indian motorcycle brand and is regarded as the oldest motorcycle manufacturer to remain in operation continuously. The conventional design of the Royal Enfield motorcycles has shaped the global market. It sports an excellent record of partnerships from some of the most heralded motorcycles brands on the planet. Royal Enfield is a real trendsetter in the budget and luxury motorcycle design domains. 

Which motorcycle Brand is the best for you?

Each of the motorcycle brands had an ingenious beginning. Due to this fact, these brands will also offer you a completely different spectrum of user experience. It can be the Need for Speed, a road racer, a rough yet classy ride that can be your best bet. 

If you want a beast for a motorcycle ready to take on any challenge, the Suzuki, KTM, and the Aprilia are the best choice. However, if you value the flex to owning a luxury bike, you need to upscale to a BMW or a Ducati. Some bikes are best of both these worlds and such eye candy, the Harley Davidson fit the description perfectly. 

Each motorcycle type has its vibe, which is suitable for particular personality types. Choosing a bike is a very intimate experience, indeed. It depends on how you will use it and for what, what kind of aesthetics you prefer, etc. 

Make a check-off list and list down all your requirements. Follow along with the guide to streamline a specific choice. You can also ask around among fellow motorcycle enthusiasts about their first purchase and their tricks on how to choose the best motorcycle for you. 

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