8 Loudest Motorcycle Speakers

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We have talked about all kinds of motorcycle speakers, but how about when you’ve got volume greedy ears. A rider persona is striking, badass, and loud.

But the loud wind noise at high speeds is drowning all your fun tracks. Let’s troubleshoot the problem, shall we?

It is only fair that you get speakers that match your front.

Hold tight because we bring you the loudest motorcycle speakers that will genuinely blow your mind.

Yes, the volume is the subject of the present conjecture, but we also care equally for speakers that stand as durable, premium and make it easy to follow your budget. Follow Along! 

Here is a little table for a quick insight if you are not much of a reader

Best Choice
BOSS Audio Systems MC470B 3 Inch Motorcycle Full Range Speakers and Amplifier Sound System -...
Premium Choice
KICKER 6x9 Inch PS-Series Powersports Speakers 40PS692 (Pair)
Best Value For Money
BOSS Audio Systems MCBK420B Bluetooth Speaker System - Class D Compact Amplifier, 3 Inch...
BOSS Audio Systems MC470B 3 Inch Motorcycle Full Range Speakers and Amplifier Sound System -...
KICKER 6x9 Inch PS-Series Powersports Speakers 40PS692 (Pair)
BOSS Audio Systems MCBK420B Bluetooth Speaker System - Class D Compact Amplifier, 3 Inch...
Best Choice
BOSS Audio Systems MC470B 3 Inch Motorcycle Full Range Speakers and Amplifier Sound System -...
BOSS Audio Systems MC470B 3 Inch Motorcycle Full Range Speakers and Amplifier Sound System -...
Premium Choice
KICKER 6x9 Inch PS-Series Powersports Speakers 40PS692 (Pair)
KICKER 6x9 Inch PS-Series Powersports Speakers 40PS692 (Pair)
Best Value For Money
BOSS Audio Systems MCBK420B Bluetooth Speaker System - Class D Compact Amplifier, 3 Inch...
BOSS Audio Systems MCBK420B Bluetooth Speaker System - Class D Compact Amplifier, 3 Inch...

Top Loudest Motorcycle Speaker Review

1. Boss Audio Systems MC470B Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker System


  • Amazing build quality 
  • Smooth wireless connectivity 
  • Aux input and convenient placement of the volume control buttons 
  • A bang for the buy purchase


  • The lows can be a bit wrapped up for some tracks 
  • Absence of on and off switch/switches 

Why settle for less when you can get more? The Boss motorcycle speaker system is a set of four Bluetooth speakers. The game-changer for this product is the amplifier, which makes it worthy of being deemed as the loudest motorcycle speaker systems in the market. The state of art Class D amplification technology allows the build to remain compact while imparting a colossal volume intensity to the unit.

The build is nothing less than premium, and the sound quality is far from comprised with just the right hint of crescendo and bass. The Boss Audio MC470B system brings along reliability and a great return on your investment. The connectivity is flawless with quick links. You also get to choose between black and white color scheme according to what suits your rider persona the best.

Another striking feature of this speaker system is the convenient volume control placement for better accessibility. There is zero voice distortion along with an excellent aux input, which allows your track to retain their integrity even when you crank up the beat to its loudest.

2. BOSS Audio Systems MCBK520B Motorcycle Speaker And Amplifier Sound System


  • Amazing Build and water-resistant
  • Flawless Bluetooth connectivity if you want to use your Spotify playlist 
  • Excellent sound quality with Full range 3


  • The volume controls are not present on the speakers.

Boss is a brand dedicated to offer riders a reprieve from using redundant and messy earphones. Their latest range provides some of the loudest Motorcycle speaker systems in the market. The Boss Audio MCBK520 is one such motorcycle gear that will bring out your rider energy even better. Boasting of the most premium sound quality ever, you will enjoy every bit of your rides once these speakers are powered up.

The package includes two sturdy handlebar mounting units, an instruction manual, volume controls, 12V charging cables, and two main Boss MCBK520B speakers. The build quality promises a long life span, and the speakers are water-resistant.

The installation is super simple and straightforward. The speakers come in a full range three and are colored an attractive matte black. The 3.5mm AUX input is flawless and compatible with all types of smartphones, as well as MP3 players.

3. LEXIN LX-S3 Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers With FM Radio Antenna


  • Handsome looks and durable build 
  • USB Charging 
  • Flawless sound quality


  • Quite expensive when compared to other products on this list

The LEXIN LX-S3 motorcycle Bluetooth speaker is the most exquisite looking peace of rider gear you could possibly own. With a bullet-like silver gleaming body, you would not stop showing em’ off to your mates. But the gear is not just about beauty; they are exceptional in terms of sound quality and perfectly worthy of being considered one of the loudest motorcycle speakers on the market.

The speakers come with a PMPO rating, which directly translates to a confirmed volume integrity. The build quality is excellent and durable. One of the most striking features that make these speakers extra-unique is the fact that they can also act as a charger for different devices.

Besides these extra bells and whistles and shiny body, the LEXIN LX-S3 speakers are purely infamous for their fantastic sound quality, which is not only balanced but the bass, mids, highs, and lows are ultra-clear in all soundtracks.  The only disparity, also perhaps the most significant one, is the price point of the LEXIN LX-3 motorcycle speakers. the gorgeous build and the butter smooth sound quality justify the price; however, an added control or multi-utility might have satisfied better.

4. BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40RGB Marine Waketower Speaker System


  • Fantastic durability with a waterproof build
  • 200 watts of RMS power handling in each speaker 
  • RGB led illumination with a remote controller
  • Unique coil design 
  • Amazing sound quality


  • Can be quite an expensive purchase

Do you fret taking rides on rainy rides worrying your speakers might not be able to stand the dipping in rainwater? Well, the BOSS Audio systems solve that dilemma for you. These high-end motorcycle gears are ultra-trendy and durable. Their ingenious quick fit terminal structure gives an excellent RGB like an illumination.

The red and black color contrasts are perfect for thrilling road adventures, and the red grills look stunning when the sun goes down. The rubber surrounding the speakers make sure no sound is lost and retains the crescendo of the tracks. The speakers offer a sensitivity of a whopping 94 db. The waterproofing technology is unbreakable protecting the gear from external influence and extending its lifespan.

Boss has outdone their offerings with MRWT40RGB marine wake tower with special voice coils. These coils and injections ensure that the speakers give their best performance even when the heat is blasting. Overall, these speaker systems by Boss can easily intimidate any other model on this list. If you are quite a techno-geek and love having that extra flare in your rider gears, the MRWT40RGB speakers are made just for you. 

5. Kicker 180 Watts Peak/90 Watts RMS 2-Ohm ATV/Motorcycle Speakers


  • Crisp and clear audio 
  • The low notes are not muffled 
  • Compatible with other inbuilt amp devices 
  • 2-way speaker system for the loudest volumes 


  • The price point is on the remarkably high end.

The Kicker 180 Watts Motorcycle speakers sport a classic design with the highest concentration on their sound quality and performance. The conventional structure makes it easier to mount them on your bike without much hassle. The design is oval, measuring around 6 × 9 inches and weighing a mere 12 ounces. Since the speakers are lightweight, they do not exert too much pressure on the handlebars of your motorcycle.

Don’t be fooled with the tiny dimensions of this gear; they pack enough energy and robustness to be fully capable of being the loudest motorcycle speakers among a few. The 2-way system ensures that the sound always hits the mark. The speakers come with a 90W RMS rating. They also come with a dedicated 20ohms amp. If you wish to connect another device with an inbuilt amp, you don’t need another to complement the systems as the speakers are compatible with such units.  

Overall, the effortless installation, classic design, and the ultra-loud yet rich sound quality makes them quite a motorcycle gear. If you are worried about the maintenance, you can relax because the speaker comes coated with a grille, which makes cleaning super easy.

6. Rockford Fosgate TMS6RG Power Harley-Davidson Road Glide 6.5″ Full Range Fairing Speakers


  • Crisp and Clear sound quality 
  • Extreme loudness 
  • Sleek design that minimizes vibrations and distortions
  • Waterproof and UV proof


  • Since the speakers are made explicitly for the Harley Davidson motorcycle, they do not have a universal fit.

The Rockford Fosgate TMS6RG is another handsome and one of the loudest speaker systems for riders. These speakers are specifically designed to replace the conventional OEM speakers on the Harley Davidson motorcycle. After you make the swap, the enhanced sound quality is quite apparent. 

These speakers come in all black color with a grille surface for the sound output. The grille makes it easier to clean and maintain the gear. The Rockford Fosgate TMS6RG speakers are purely water-resistant as well as UV resistant promising longevity. The design is made so that the speaker fits into the inputs that minimize the distortion caused by vibration when the bike is on the road. The product comes with a 75W RMS rating.  

You will get a 6db crossover integration, and the impedance totals at 4ohms. The sound quality is impressive without the amp; however, if you wish to take the performance to the next level, an amp will do that for you. The sound quality is satisfying with punchy highs that put more for more energetic audio.

7. Polk Audio DB522 5.25″ 600w Motorcycle Speakers + Rockmat


  • A well-balanced audio 
  • Water-resistant
  • Customizable 
  • Comes with a rockmat for added protection from moisture


  • The audio quality is affected when the cables are not connected properly.

Polk Audio DB522 Motorcycle speakers are another classic product for riders. Sporting the conventional oval design, these speakers are true beasts. They are made to withstand marine weather conditions. The installation is simple and straightforward. The audio quality is wholesome and vibrant, which is one of the best selling points for these speakers. Since the Polk Audio system is also made to be a boat speaker, they come with a Rockmat to improve the sound quality on rainy days and protect the unit from soaking moisture.  

The Polk motorcycle speakers come with an aluminum coating for extra heat resistance. The surface is customizable, meaning if you wish to revamp the speakers according to your style, you can paint them without worrying about any damage. The gears come with an IP65 rating, which confirms that the product is water-resistant.

The sound quality is consistent with a substantial volume raise. The bass is clear on both higher and lower volume settings. Considering how tiny the Polk Audio DB522 speakers are, they pack quite a punch with their audio performance. 

8. Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker System


  • Durable and premium build 
  • Offer wireless connectivity 
  • Great sound quality, and volume
  • Comes with an aux input 


  • At higher speeds, the sound gets a little bit muffled 
  • Absence of an on or off switch 

You might be familiar with the Boss MC420B, which was a 4-unit speaker system. The Boss MCBK420B is quite similar to the first loudest motorcycle speaker on our list. The most striking difference is that the MCBK420B is a two-speaker unit instead of the four. The speakers come with a rating of 600 watts considerably loud. However, when you are riding at 70 mph or higher speeds, the sound does drown quite a bit. 

For regular rides, most existing users keep the volume somewhere in the middle, as the speakers are genuinely volume generous. Since the pack includes two speakers, only they take less space on your motorcycle compared to the other model.

Conclusively, with outstanding durability, build quality, reasonable price point, and sound integrity, the Boss audio MCBK420B motorcycle speakers, are one of a kind.

Motorcycle Speakers Buying Guide

Audio Quality 

Since we are talking about the loudest motorcycle speakers on the market, the audio quality and volume naturally become the most crucial consideration. The frequency response and the watt capacity of the speakers will determine how good the sound quality really is. For most products, the frequency response ranges between 4 Hz to 25 Hz; this is, of course, the lower specs. If you are looking for the best performance in terms of audio it is better to look for a speaker that has a frequency response higher than 25 Hz.

The watt capacity of the speaker determines the amount of power the unit can take up. An ideal motorcycle speaker system should offer watt capacity anywhere between 300 to 1000 watts. Anything that is less than 50 watts will surely disappoint you. 

Another factor that you need to consider in terms of audio quality is sensitivity. A good sensitivity rating sits anywhere between 75 to 100 decibels. 


The way the speaker sits on the motorcycle is another vital consideration for the loudest motorcycle speakers. The mounting for motorcycle speakers comes in several different options. Usually, the handlebar is the central unit that supports the speakers, which measures around 0.75 to 1.5 inches. A good speaker package offers a generous number of clamps, straps, and screws to keep it in place.

Build And Durability 

Most of the speakers on this list have a universal fit. The build of the audio system is an important consideration that influences its durability, mounting, and overall performance. The exterior needs to be water-resistant to handle rough road trips, and a UV resistant property is the cherry on top. The interior should be well protected with rubber or polypropylene coating.


Let’s face it we all have that one music app or device that plays the best tracks. Or maybe you prefer the traditional radio for your rides? In that case, a good motorcycle speaker must have flawless connectivity options. It can be present in the form of Bluetooth, which is the preferred specification, but the bargain will stand if the cables are sturdy and don’t affect the sound quality at higher speeds.  


We are big supporters of rider gears that make road trips more fun and convenient. The loudest motorcycle speakers can take the riding experience to a whole new level.

However, like we always advise, before making a purchase, always pay attention to the features that you will absolutely use. The practice will prevent you from spending too much on the extra bells and whistles that will never see the light of the day.

A good purchase allows you to stay faithful to your budget while also offering the promised performance. Needless to say, motorcycle audio systems are a great product that adds a fun kick to your future rides.

If you are looking for a more private and intrusive music experience, you can try motorcycle helmet speakers.

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