How to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair?

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Do you have long hair and you feel amazing when your hair blows in the wind while you ride a motorcycle? It gives you a feeling of freedom and joy. 

No matter how expert you are in riding a motorcycle, it is important to wear a helmet while riding. The helmet is an essential gear to prevent your head from injuries in case of accidents. It is a crucial safety gear that is a must to wear while you ride a two-wheeler. If you have long hair, you must be worried about how the helmet will fit you properly. Usually, when people have long hair and ride for a longer time with a helmet on, they face many issues like hair fall, headache, damaged hair, and more. Moreover, if you ride a motorcycle to reach your office, it is really embarrassing to arrive with messy hair. 

In this write-up, we are going to tell you proven tips that will tell you how to manage long hair under a helmet while riding a motorcycle. 

Tips For How To Wear A Helmet With Long Hair 

  • Ponytail or Ponytail Compatible Helmet 

When you have long hair, it is natural that you face problems while wearing a motorcycle helmet. It is never a bad idea to make a ponytail and then wear a helmet. Ponytail any day looks attractive and cool, also it keeps your hair away from your face. Usually, when we ride with open hair, they get curly and tangled at the lower end of the ponytail. To deal with the situation, many riders with long hair ponytails use elastic bands at different spots in the ponytail to deal with the situation. By using elastic bands, you will get a long tube of long hair under a helmet. 

Moreover, in today’s time, there are many ponytail compatible helmets that are easily available in the market, they come with a hole at the back of the helmet. A ponytail hole in the helmet works best in keeping your hair away from your face while riding. Ponytail compatible helmets are easily available in the market, they are specially designed for women with long hair. 

  • Braids 

Making braids is especially for girls, but even when boys have long hair, they can also make braids before they hit the road on a motorcycle. Tying long hair is important while riding a motorcycle, as it prevents a lot of hair issues. Braids are a more suitable way to keep your long hair intact while riding a motorcycle, also it fits well in your helmet. You can also leave your brain hanging at the back as it looks fashionable and at the same time saves your hair from being tangled up. Besides serving as a perfect way to secure your hair in your helmet, it also works best in protecting your hair from various hair vows. It gives you natural hair growth. Moreover, braids lock the moisture and prevent hair from dryness and split ends. If you have a hole in your helmet, you can easily pull out the braid from the hole for further convenience. If you don’t know how to make a braid, you can see online videos on youtube, you will find several videos on it. Before you make braids, you must know it is not only for women, any man can also make it to protect and handle their long hair while riding a motorcycle. 

  • Low Bun 

Making a bun is also another excellent way to protect your long hair from damage while riding a motorcycle. Bun keeps your hair intact tightly and allows you to wear the helmet without compromising your hairdo. It is recommended to make a low bun, a high bun is not suitable while wearing a helmet. You need to make the bun as low as you can so that you can easily wear the helmet comfortably and more conveniently. You can also use some anti-frizz products to ensure your bun fits the helmet with ease. Also, a low bun does not allow hair to come over your face. Furthermore, a bun also helps in the faster growth of your hair and prevents any hair damage. You can always use a rubber band or clips to make a bun. 

  • Head Scarves or Wraps 

In the case of long hair, you can always use head scarves or wraps to protect your hair from dust and rain, if you are wearing a helmet. The scarves are best for pulling and wrapping your hair and also helps in reducing the risk of hair fall. With the use of scarves or wraps, you can eliminate the chances of hair when you put off the helmet. 

  • Helmet Liner or Bandana 

When we talk about helmet liners, there are numerous that can be found online. Helmet liners or bandanas are also an option to deal with long hair while riding a motorcycle. They are easy to use and prevent tangled hair when you wear a helmet. 

Hair Care Tips For Rider Who Rides Regularly 

Here are a few hair care tips that one must follow who is a regular rider and has long hair. 

  • The first thing you must consider is choosing the right helmet that fits well in your head. Like in case you make a ponytail, then take one that has a ponytail hole. 
  • Always apply shampoo and a conditioner on your hair before you get into a motorcycle, as well-nourished hair is not much prone to dryness or damage. 
  • Do not wear a helmet on wet hair, always dry your hair before you wear a helmet. 
  • It is never a bad idea to keep a cloth inside the helmet to absorb sweat and it also gives a relaxing effect to your hair. 
  • You must clean your helmet regularly from inside to remove dirt and dust and further protect your hair. 


Now you don’t have to worry about your long hair while you ride a motorcycle. The above ways are best and effective in protecting your hair under your helmet. 

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