How to push start a motorcycle ?

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When it comes to how to push start a motorcycle, we all face such issues. It clearly states the dead battery situation. When such a situation happens: it is called a push start, which is also known as roll start, or pop start. Push start pushes the engines with the hopes that engine will start. 

Pushing start of your motorcycle is simpler and easier, when you know you are doing it. 

Here in this guide, we will provide you with detailed information about how to push start a motorcycle. 

Few Causes of Dead Bike 

Here are few causes why your bike does not start: 

  • You may leave your headlights on for a longer time. 
  • The batteries are old and they need instant replacement 
  • The spark plugs are dead. 
  • There is no fuel. 

Fix them up and you are ready to go on the road. 

Check The Following Things If Your Motorcycle Does Not Start 

If your motorcycle does not start, you need to look at a few things that might be stopping your bike from running properly. You wonder how such small issues can prevent your bike from starting. And the worst is spending 10 minutes in pushing start your bike only to know some basic thing is missing. 

1. Keep a Check on Ignition Kill switch 

The kill switch is well connected with the ignition switch, in case your bike is not starting you must check whether the kill switch is not open or set to stop position. 

2. Check the fuel 

If your bike does not start, the reason can be no fuel. This situation can happen with anyone. You must check the fuel level. In case you have a faulty fuel gauge, then open the fuel tank and check. 

3. Have a look at fuel Petcock

You need to ensure the fuel petcock is set to off. 

4. Make sure bike is in Neutral

Sometimes the bike does not start in neutral, so set your gears in neutral before starting a bike. 

If the bike does not start even after looking at the above-mentioned reasons, then you need to jump-start your bike. 

How to Push Start a motorcycle? 

If you have ever pushed start your car, then you may not get worried about your bike as the process is the same. Here are few steps that you must consider to start a bike: 

1. Look for the right spot 

The best and easiest way to push start your bike is asking your friends to push a bike, but in case you are alone, you can not enjoy the friend power. Then you must consider taking your bike over a gentle hill, as gravity works best in pushing the bike. In case you are on a flat road, then you push your bike at a pace and then jump over it before releasing the clutch. 

2. Keep 2nd or 3rd Gear 

If you are a rider and your bike is stuck due to some reason, you must push-start your motorcycle like a pro by using 2nd or 3rd gear. Never use the 1st gear when you are pushing start your bike, it could lead to locking the rear tires 

3. Press the clutch while rolling the bike 

After using 2nd or 3rd gear, you need to keep pressing the clutch and get rolling. If you are on a hill, start from upwards and keep rolling downward with a pressed clutch. If you have your friends with you, hold the clutch and ask them to push your bike. You need to keep an appropriate pace while rolling the bike, also before you release the clutch. 

4. Release clutch 

Once you are on the bike and rolling, it is time to release the clutch. The spinning rear wheel will start the engine. If still the engine does not start, you need to increase the speed of the rolling. Don’t forget it may take a couple of attempts to start the engine. 

5. Keep your bike in neutral Gear 

Now when you have started your engine, keep the bike in neutral and apply the brakes. It revives the engine and also it charges the battery faster than just keeping it idle. It is important to keep the engine start after the push start. 

6. Ride 

Once your engine is warm up, take a short drive and check if it is good to go. 

Tips on Push starting your bike 

There are many other things that you must consider while you push start your motorcycle, here we go: 

  • If you own a bike that has a large displacement motor, then it is important to hit the start button at the same time as when you release the clutch when you roll the bike. This helps in turning the motor as you press the clutch to start the bike. 
  • If you own an old bike, then try some choke as you push to start the bike. 
  • When you have a bike that has a high compressor motor, it is important to stand on the footpegs while you roll the bike before you release the clutch. This puts more weight on the rear wheels that further makes it easier to turn on the motor. 
  • Ensure the ignition is set to “on”. 

Wrap Up 

It is not difficult to push start the motorcycle. Just follow the above mentioned steps and tips, then you are on the right path to start your bike and save your engine from any damage. Also, it ensures you push start a bike like a professional. 

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