How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

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Maintaining your vehicle can be annoying. An oil change is one of the more popular types of maintenance for your vehicle.

But how often do you need to have your oil changed?

In this article, I will provide some information on whether or not your vehicle really does need it’s oil changed.

Does Age Play A Factor In Changing Your Oil?

Not necessarily. My truck is eight years old, and I just have the oil changed every six months or so. It still runs well.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should follow my example. But if your car doesn’t have any problems with an oil change every six months, then it’s probably safe to continue with that schedule.

But be sure to pay attention and make sure that there are no strange sounds coming from your vehicle, and no oil leaking from underneath it.

However, don’t be alarmed if there is fluid underneath your vehicle because it’s probably just water.

Why Would There Be Water Underneath Your Vehicle?

Simple. Condensation tends to build up in certain areas of your vehicle, and it drips down to form puddles.

To check the mystery fluid, simply touch it with your finger and bring it up to your nose for a sniff. I know it may seem a little gross, but if there’s no smell then it’s just water.

Also, if it feels like water then it’s probably just water. No big deal.

Should You Change Your Oil More Often If The Mileage Is High?

Having a high mileage count could increase the likelihood of an oil change. My truck has a mileage count of about one hundred and forty thousand or so, and it still does fine. But it’s a truck, and it seems that trucks really don’t need as much maintenance. At least mine hasn’t so far, knock on wood.

As for your vehicle, make sure that if it’s above one hundred thousand miles that you check the oil a little more frequently. I check mine about once a month or so. Just ensure that your oil is in okay condition and that there is plenty of it. If the oil seems low or dirty, then have your car serviced.

Of course, quick lube oil change stations will try to convince you to use special oil for your car; especially if your car is ageing or has a high mileage count. Don’t listen to them. Just buy the cheap oil for around twenty-five dollars.

I have never noticed a difference between these so-called high-quality synthetic oils and the normal ones. These quick lube stations are just trying to take more of your money. Don’t let them! Unless you’re rich and don’t care.

What About Your Driving Conditions?

If you’re driving in a dusty environment, then changing your oil more frequently might be a good idea. Dust can get inside the oil in your car and cause havoc if it’s ignored. When I lived in a dusty environment, I had my oil changed about every three months.

Of course, I was driving a lot more back then. And that’s another good point. If you’re not driving your vehicle that much, then you don’t need to change your oil as often. I knew one lady who only drove her car about once a week to the grocery store, and she would have her oil changed only once a year. But if you’re driving three hundred or more miles per week, then you should have your car serviced more often.


Maintaining your vehicle can be a pain. However, with the information in this article, changing your oil should now be a little less vexing. At least, I hope it is.

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