How Much Should I Spend on Motorcycle Gear?

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Have you purchased a new bike and are thinking that you are done? Not yet! You have to purchase motorcycle safety equipment as well to keep yourself safe and secure while riding on a road. 

If you are one of those who usually travel miles after miles with a motorbike, motorcycle gear is vital for you and you can’t ignore them anyhow.

The majority of bike riders keep themselves away from buying motorcycle safety gear because of expenses which is the wrong decision. Now, a question may come to your mind, actually how much should I spend on motorcycle gear, right? 

Well, it’s a bit difficult to say the definite cost as the price depends on the quality of the products and the brand as well. However, in this article, we’ll give you an overall idea of how much you need to spend on motorcycle gear. So stay with us & keep reading. 

Why Do You Need Motorcycle Gear?

The importance of having motorcycle gear is inevitable. To get safer, comfortable, and enjoyable riding, you must need motorcycle safety equipment. For instance, protection is the number one reason for wearing a quality helmet and other vital motorcycle gear. 

If you love to ride at full speed on a plane road or riding on an unpaved road. There is a chance of being injured which can sometimes be the reason for your death as well. In that case, safety gear like a helmet, boot, or eye protection can save you from severe injury. 

Moreover, motorcycle gear can keep you safe from weather elements like sun, wind, bugs, and flying debris as you ride at maximum speed. Besides that, wearing correctly fitting gear also ensures you stay comfortable in different conditions. So, tell me who doesn’t love to stay comfortable while riding? 

How Much Should I Spend on Motorcycle Gear?

In this segment, we have given a list of crucial motorcycle gear and provided an idea of how much you should spend on motorcycle gear. Let’s check them out.


A helmet is one of the most necessary safety equipment for a rider. This piece of gear will keep your sage against injuries in case of an accident. It will even prevent severe head injuries and brain damage when riding on a rough and unpaved road. That’s why you have to always go for a quality helmet that can shield your head in any kind of accident from major to minor. 

Now let’s see how much you spend on it. Well, if you go for a high-end helmet, then you have to spend over $1000. But, you can purchase a medium and decent quality helmet which is DoT-Approved for between $150 and $250. 


Boots are also part of crucial motorcycle gear that protects your feet while riding. If you are used to riding with maximum speed all the time, you have to ensure that your ankles, toes, and feet are safe as accidents can happen anytime you get injured. 

Other than that, quality boots offer reliable support for your ankle and feet. The quality boots also come with all the inserts and pads for maximum protection of the ride over a long distance. However, the cost of a motorcycle basically depends on the model, style, and brands of boots. But, you can get the best motorcycle boots for under 100 dollars. To have the top-notch boots will cost over $200. 

Eye Protection Gear

Another significant motorcycle gear is a protector that will keep your eyes safe from several weather elements like the sun, extreme wind, flying dust, and debris that you usually face during the ride. 

The cost of the protection gear depends on its quality. For example, some high-end eye protectors come with a windshield or sun visor that will cost around $50 to $200. You may purchase eye protection gear below $50 but it won’t give you the best protection. 


Your hands should be protected when you go for a long-distance motorcycle ride as serious injuries can occur if your hands are unprotected. Apart from that, a quality glove ensures the best grip on the handlebars. So, how much money should you spend on hand gloves? 

It depends on the glove’s durable material and abrasion resistance. The average cost of a pair of gloves is between $40 and $100. If you go for the best quality, you have to spend between $100 and $200.


A quality jacket made with strong and abrasion material helps you keep protected from injuries in case of an accident. Additionally, a motorcycle jacket can give you a smart and cool look as it is the most fashionable outfit for bikers. 

Besides that, it can bring comfort in various situations. For instance, wearing a jacket while riding on the bike in Winter can confer warm feelings. Getting a  quality motorcycle jacket will cost you around $100 to $200.


To protect your lower half, motorcycle pants are another crucial gear. As we are talking about pants, you are thinking that it’s about denim jeans or other cotton pants? Not really. We are actually talking about specific pants that are usually used by motorcycle riders. 

They are made with Cordura fabric that offers insane resistance to abrasion. The average cost of the pants is around $100. It can also be much more depending on the quality of the pants.

Riding Suit

To have the best protection and functionality while riding on the motorcycle, you can purchase a motorcycle riding suit. You will be able to purchase the Aerostich Roadcrafter at a price of $1377 which is one of the most expensive motorcycle suits available on the market. 

Can You Buy Used Motorcycle Gear?

It is not a wise decision to purchase used motorcycle gear. You’ll get motorcycle gear to protect yourself from severe injury. That’s why you have to purchase ones that maintain minimal quality, right? But, when you purchase the used gear, how would you say if it is made with quality material or not? 

The maximum seller sells their used gears when they see that those are not providing the minimum quality services. So, we’ll recommend not to purchase used motorcycle gear as they will shield you in severe injury. You have to buy quality motorcycle safety equipment.

Final Thought

So, this was all about how much you need to spend on motorcycle gear. We have already mentioned that It depends on several things like how many gears you’ll purchase, what brands you’ll choose, and the quality you’ll need. In the above, we have provided information on individual motorcycle gear and their average price. 

Hopefully, you have got ideas on how much you actually need to spend on motorcycle gear. Lastly, we’ll suggest you to stay away from purchasing second-hand gear to save money that will put you at risk in the event of an accident.

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