14 Best Innovative Gift Ideas For Motorcycle Riders

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Having a bike-loving friend, relative, a family person is great, but buying them a gift that is related to bikes is excellent.

For these people, motorcycles are part of their life.

Buying the right gift for a motorcycle lover is tough. Motorbike enthusiasts adore receiving gifts that have something to do with bikes

We have compiled some innovative motorcycle lover gift ideas, so roll your mouse to read more.

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1. Motorcycle Drawings

The majority of motorcycle owners feel proud of the bike they ride. It is their third hand, and a ride gives them a sense of freedom.

Find someone with proficient artistic abilities, and make a drawing of the bike and present them. The picture could be a pencil sketch, painting, colored pencil sketch, or any creative art. Frame the bike art and gift it to your friend and see his eyes dazzle with tears of joy. It is one of the best motorcycle lover gift ideas. You can also find great motorcycle paintings here.

2. Chrome Handlebar Mount

Coffee-loving motorists would adore this gift as it clamps perfectly to their handlebar so that they can sip in their drink while cruising down the road. The biker can feel the smell of wind and coffee while driving. 

The Kruzer Kaddy handlebar mount is elegant and sophisticated, which is more likely to delight any motorcycle lover.

Chrome Handlebar Mount
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3. Cleaning kits

All bikers want their bikes to look clean and are a constant concern for them. A detailing kit is one of the perfect motorcycle lover gift ideas ever.

The kits are available across all automobile stores. Motorcycle components vary, so get a specific one that suits your requirements. The cleaning tool kit includes a plastic and leather cleaner, metal polisher, spray and rinse devices, and water repellents.

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4. Handlebar Bag

It helps the rider to store his valuables securely during the ride. The bag can hold cell phones, wallets, and keys. It can clip easily onto the handlebars, so the valuable items remain safe all the time.

The Hide & Drink Handlebar bag is a fabulous and unique gift for your friend.

Handlebar Bag
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5. Helmet Defogger

Bikers wear helmets during rides, but they have to deal with fog and condensation that forms inside of the helmet. It is both disturbing and unsafe.

Riders who wear full-face helmets have to deal with fogging during winters when condensation properties peak in cold weather. 

A helmet defogger is an ideal gift for a motorcyclist who rides a lot during the colder months. It is just a solution that is sprayed inside the helmet very often and hence available in all automobile stores.

Helmet Defogger
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6. SENA Motorcycle Intercom kit

A Bluetooth Intercom is a great gift for a friend who cannot ride without some music beats in his ears. The product has a high-quality microphone and speakers that ensure good sound quality. Besides, it helps the rider to stay connected with his loved ones along the way.

The SENA intercom coverage range is upto 5 Miles, which varies from model to model. 

Sena Intercom Kit
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7. Piston Clock

It is a unique decorative gift for the motorcycle enthusiast whose office desk needs a bit of makeover. The piston clock is available on an online platform like Amazon. 

The clock has an inverted piston with a rod pointing up and a clock face placed inside the bearing. It is an amazingly genius gift that can make any motorcycle fanatic jubilant.

Piston Clock
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8. Action Camera

Riders love to explore new places. An action camera can be mounted on your helmet or motorcycle and lets you capture the beauty of uncharted territories while you still enjoy the ride.

GoPro Hero 8 is the best action camera available in the market right now. It can be a great gift for someone who likes to travel and create memories.

Action Camera
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9. Heated Gloves

Gears are specific to riders that vary according to their preference and taste. The gift is suitable for riders who make trips during colder months of the year. It provides them comfort and safety

These gloves run on battery power or are rechargeable. It is waterproof, and hence many motorcyclists prefer to wear this gear during their bike travel.

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10. Waterproof Tough Cases

The second essential thing you need to carry next to the helmet, jacket, and gloves is your smartphone. The phone can be nested on to your handlebars, and the water-resistant mobile cases bolster the riding experience that allows you to see the mobile during the ride. 

The device cases are shock-proof and protect your smartphone from damage and prevent it from flying or falling from the handlebars. The appropriate way the phone clamps to the bike makes viewing of the mobile screen easy.

Today Ultimateaddons cases are available for iPhone, Android, and other Samsung models, Huawei, Nokia, OnePlus, and more. These cases are available on Amazon too.

Waterproof Tough Cases
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11.O’NEAL Socks

Gifting a motorcycle lover with a pair of socks makes his day a good one. The brand O’Neal established by the well-known motorcyclist Jim O’Neal provides the best-in-class motorcyclist apparel.

The socks are moisture-wicking and make your skin feel dry and non-sticky. They are pocket-friendly motorcycle lover gift ideas too.

O'NEAL Socks
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12. Zippo Hand Warmer

The handwarmer from Harley-Davidson is elegant and affordable and is more likely to impress your biker friend. It is a perfect add-on accessory for the bikers during camping trips and other outings. Help your motorist friend to keep his hand warm and light with this gift.

Zippo Hand Warmer
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13. Disc Lock Alarms

It helps keeps the driver’s life safe. The alarm safeguards the vehicles against thefts by raising a loud sound. The product has two spare keys and an Allen key.

YOHOOLYO disc lock alarm is the perfect gift for riders who take the utmost care of their bikes during every mile of the ride.

Disc Lock Alarms
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14. Motorcycle GPS

The gift is specific for touring motorcyclists, who take pride in the number of miles traveled and various places visited on their bikes. They generally document those trips, and a road trip map helps them to track all their touring trips. It aids the motorcyclist to visually explain the incredible road trips they have taken so far.

Motorcycle GPS

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Apart from the above, Motorcycle Jacket, Riding Boots, Motorcycle Gloves, Camping chair for motorcycles, Full-face Helmet are some other innovative motorcycle lover gift ideas. Pick, pack, and gift your near and dear ones and express your love.

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