7 Best Motorcycle Grips

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Sore Hands? Get a pair of bike grips. Bike grips are an item that appears so simple and is easily overlooked by riders generally. But their functions are the ones you just can’t afford to overlook by any means!

The bike grips offer a non-slip surface for your handlebars besides creating a comfortable interface and secure bar ends for the rider. For the rider community that has fallen victim to sore hands that cause discomfort and distract the rider, there is a vast majority of options in the market.

As a product that is usually overlooked, there are endless such items that promise fake claims consequently wasting your bucks. However, to save you from the hassle and make a well-informed decision, we have brought out a guide to meet you halfway through the decision making along with reviews to help you navigate through the endless options.

Not a big fan of reading? Here is a quick comparative yet conclusive table we drew out for you for an overview required to make a prime choice!

Best Choice
SclMotor Universal 22mm 7/8"Red Pro Taper Dirt Pit Bike Grips For HONDA CRF150F CRF230F CRF250F...
Premium Choice
ODI ATV Rogue Lockon 120mm Off-Road Motorcycle Hand Grips - Black/Red/One Size
Best Value For Money
Scott Sports 233926-0001 Black Radial Full Waffle ATV Grips Medium
SclMotor Universal Red Pro Taper Dirt Pit Bike Grips
ODI ATV Rogue Lockon 120mm Off-Road Motorcycle Hand Grips
Scott Sports 233926-0001 Black Radial Full Waffle ATV Grips
Best Choice
SclMotor Universal 22mm 7/8"Red Pro Taper Dirt Pit Bike Grips For HONDA CRF150F CRF230F CRF250F...
SclMotor Universal Red Pro Taper Dirt Pit Bike Grips
Premium Choice
ODI ATV Rogue Lockon 120mm Off-Road Motorcycle Hand Grips - Black/Red/One Size
ODI ATV Rogue Lockon 120mm Off-Road Motorcycle Hand Grips
Best Value For Money
Scott Sports 233926-0001 Black Radial Full Waffle ATV Grips Medium
Scott Sports 233926-0001 Black Radial Full Waffle ATV Grips

1. ODI ATV Rogue Lockon 120mm Off-Road Motorcycle Hand Grips


  • High comfort level
  • Installation ease allows grips to be changed in few seconds.
  • Suitable for all the types of terrains
  • High tier grip
  • Durable built


  • Slightly smaller for large hand rider community 
  • The lock screws upon installation with the lock rings face opposite directions on the grip

Valid for all the terrain friendly type vehicles, the ODI ATV Rogue Lockon 120mm Off-Road Motorcycle Hand Grips are the most innovative ODI product which ensures an immaculate performance is delivered. 

The Rogue Lock-On grips offer large raised pads that provide optimal shop absorption besides the deep grooves designed to channel away debris and any dirt. With a Lock-On grip system, the Rogue LockOns further offer an easy sweat-free installation with a guaranteed 100% slip-free performance. 

The Rogue LockOns feature new Snap Cap bar ends, preventing the bar from being ground away when the bike is laid across tree trunks or on jagged grounds. The exclusive 3/4 flange design offers hand protection while allowing easy access to the thumb throttle.

2. Rich Choices Universal Motorcycle Arrow Rubber Gel Hand Grips


  • Installation ease
  • Offer great slip-free grip. 
  • Great rimmed exterior 
  • Superior vibrations dampening
  • Uses high-grade aluminum


  • The rings on the grips offer little to no room for the grips to stretch over the bars.
  • It might make the handles too thick for some people

The Universal Motorcycle Arrow Rubber Gel Hand Grips are built from CNC (computer numerical control) machined aluminum and slip-free gel rubber. With a wide color range from red, blue, silver, gold, titanium, and green, the Arrow Rubber Gel Hand Grips offer unparalleled service.

With the left side measuring up to 7/8 ” and the right side up to 1” for the twist gas throttle, the Rubber Gel Hand Grips wouldn’t fit the ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) with the thumb throttle and instead would require 2 pairs of Rubber Gel Hand Grips.

The Rubber Gel Hand Grips package includes 1 pair (left and right both) of the motorcycle hand grips besides being fit for most Japanese manufactured bikes, i.e., Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Fit any Street bikes, Sports bikes, Chopper, Scooters, Cruiser with the 7/8″ Standard Handlebars.

3. SclMotor Universal Red Pro Taper Dirt Pit Bike Grips


  • Fast and fairly easy to install and remove
  • Fatigue free ride
  • Flexible compatibility
  • Very cheap for its value


  • Shorter than the average grip pair 
  • Sloppy fitment
  • Causes claw hand posture.

Featuring an anti-skid design, the Taper Dirt Pit Bike Grips are designed for the hand twist style throttles. Offering a combination of great style without compromising the comfort levels with an anti-slip design, the Taper Dirt Pit Bike Grips ensure a smooth performance.

The ergonomic grip shape is molded to dampen the operation vibrations besides offering optimal shock absorption to work with your body. The overall length of the Taper Dirt Pit Bike Grips measures up to 120mm or 4 3/4 ”; the package comprises a set of 2 handlebar grips (both right and left side).

The comfortable non-slip grip relieves the rider of fatigue and discomfort, making the Taper Dirt Pit Bike Grips the best substitute for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). They are best suited for 7/8 ’’left grips and 1” right grip vehicles, i.e., Dirt bikes, Scooters, Mini Quads, Pocket Bikes.

4. Biltwell GR-GCY-01-BK Black 1" Recoil Grips


  • Offer optimal grip
  • Dampen the vehicle vibrations by a fold
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Pillow like comfort


  • Using soluble gel allowed the easier installation.
  • Lack a durable built
  • Have to be replaced after every few months, i.e., six months usually

Using an open-wrench device or a caliper, or any other device, measure the O.D. (outside diameter) of the handlebars if you are not aware of the size. The Biltwell GR-GCY-01-BK Black 1″ Recoil Grips are available in 1” right bar grip and 7/8 “ left bar grip.

The Biltwell GR-GCY-01-BK Black 1″ Recoil Grips come in a pair of two grips set, one for the clutch side (small inside diameter) and the other one for the throttle (larger inside diameter). Were you to install the wrong grip on either side, and it would consequently cause loose-fitting grips or grips that are prone to tear and might stretch too much during the installation. Thus, relegating the Biltwell GR-GCY-01-BK Black 1″ Recoil Grips performance overall.

The Biltwell GR-GCY-01-BK Black 1″ Recoil Grips are thick and soft, consequently damping out the vibrations and serving as perfect shock absorbers that allow more control.

5. Scott Sports 233926-0001 Black Radial Full Waffle ATV Grips


  • Features an integrated safety wire channel
  • Built specifically to accommodate ATV Throttles
  • Durable built
  • Decent grip level


  • Aggressive feel texture requires gloves to push on.
  • Lack a hole at the end, need to drill through. 
  • Excess rubber on the throttle might need to be cut off

Weighing just 3.25 ounces, the Black Radial Full Waffle ATV Grips are pretty lightweight, soft, and durable compared to their rivals. Employing a full waffle design, hence why it is named waffle, these ATV (all-terrain vehicle) grips provide optimal control and fatigue-free service that many in the racer community have come to trust. 

The soft built Radial Full Waffle ATV Grips with single density greatly dampen the vehicle vibrations, reduce arm pump and long-ride fatigue. It also features a tested and true design that has been recognized as trustworthy for decades around the biking world. 

Designed to suit the 7/8 “ handlebars, these specially built Radial Full Waffle ATV Grips are the best fit for ATV thumb throttles besides no flange and feature an integrated safety wire channel.

6. ODI Vans Cult Street Motorcycle Hand Grips


  • Comfortable cushy feel
  • Optimal grip even with gloves
  • The sole design offers a sweat-free ride.
  • Perfectly sized for the left and right sides.


  • Require throttle sleeve
  • Require to be stretched first before being installed
  • Miniscule vibration dampening
  • The closed ends don’t open.

Featuring the wave sole pattern that is classic of the Vans besides a suitable domed center area for enhanced ergonomics and vibration dampening, the ODI Vans Cult Street Grips is the fraternal twin the Vans Cult V-Twins Grips. 

Employing a modern-day classic design, the ODI Vans Cult Street Hand Grips are constructed in-house at ODI itself, from the proprietary grip materials to ensure a consistent feel and exceptional control irrespective of the situation. The Van sole design provides room for airflow, thus ensuring a sweat-free ride.

The ODI Vans Cult Street Hand Grips are available in both 1” right bar grip and 7/8 “ left bar grip fitments. Measuring up to 125mm in length, these Street Hand Grips are sold in pairs. However, the 7/8 “ fitments have a 1” throttle side, whereas the 1” grips have a 1.1/8 “ throttle side ID.

7. surpassme Motorcycle Grips Non Slip Rubber Bar End Thruster Grip


  • Shock resistant
  • Made from TRP rubber material
  • Low temperature resistant


  • Shorter than expected
  • Super tight, making it difficult to install
  • Give off an unnatural and unsettling smell.

With a classic, sophisticated and timeless design, the Surpassme Motorcycle Grips enhance the temperament of the appearance of your motorcycle. 

Built from high-quality TRP (thermoplastic) rubber material, the Surpassme Motorcycle Grips ensure fatigue less long drive. Optimal comfort is offered without compromising the durability, the Surpassme Motorcycle Grips are soft, corrosion, and low temperature resistant. 

The easy to install Surpassme Motorcycle Grip is suitable for ATV (all-terrain vehicle) types and feature a non-slippery grip capable of damping vehicle vibrations and act against shock impacts. The Grips for the left handlebar grip measure up to 7/8”(22mm) and 1”(24mm) for the right handlebar.

Best Motorcycle Grip Buying Guide

While riding a bike might be the ideal way of owning your rebellious persona, maintaining prime control of your ride is very vital. While it is perceived that tires and breaks offer you the control of your ride when in all practicality, it is the motorcycle grips. 

The handgrips are the synthesized rubber grips that foster better control to maneuver your ride along with other added benefits. Thus the reason why we have assembled a guide for you that offers the “all you need to know” information about the item in question. 


Sure the bike grips are for gripping purposes, but the grip should be strong despite the rain to ensure that your bike doesn’t maneuver out of control. Most bike grips employ synthetic thermoplastic rubber material to ensure a shock-resistant and non-slip throttle. 

The synthetic materials manage moisture by repelling it, i.e., not absorbing it, unlike the natural and foam materials, which tend to absorb heaps of moisture. While the rubber and rubber-like grips offer varying degrees of stickiness and softness. If the material is softer, it will wear out sooner than harder, less sticky rubber synthesized grips.

Patterned Grips

The grip patterns are designed to keep comfort and enhanced control service in mind. Bike grips with patterns often serve as indicators as to when the grips should be replaced. Over time, the grips start losing their gripping compatibility as the surface begins to worn out. 

With the worn-out surfaces easy to locate than the smoother areas, the patterned grips ensure a no-slip performance besides updating the gripping power.


Designed to provide vibration damping and padding, the bike grips keep your handles comfortable on all terrain types, even on extremely bumpy rides. A good grip ensures that the chances of hand cramps are reduced by a good tenfold. 

Shape and Size

Padding comes in varying contrasts ranging from cork, leather to gel grip. So do our hands. Outer grip diameters range from about 27mm up to 35mm, so the riders belonging to the large hands community should choose grips with larger diameter while the smaller hand coven of riders should go for smaller outer grip diameters. 

If a grip is too large, it will result in poor control and slipping of the hands, consequently exercising the bike out of control and lead up to an accident. Whereas if the grip is too small, it could cause increased pain, particularly in the palm area, which would cause cramping and fatigue, consequently relegating the rider’s performance and leading up to an accident.


Usually, paying over 20 dollars on a handle seems stupid and not worth it. However, knowing how vital this little thing is, you would prefer to buy a premium quality handlebar grip instead. While the higher the numbers in dollars the handlebar unit charges up to, the longer it would last and the nicer it would serve and feel.

Pay once, cry once. Surely paying enough at once instead of going for cheaper options and then paying one repair after another before ultimately replacing them with new ones sure seems inconvenient and not so smart. So take your pick from the list we have put forth, for we stand true to our word about their durability and service alike.

Lock Grips or Friction Grips

The two rather basic ways that the bike grips can be attached to the handlebars are either friction or lock grips. 

The friction grips are usually solid or, more often, forced onto the bars and held hostage in place by the friction present between the grip interior and the handlebar itself. However, these grips are never completely secured and tend to rotate during rainy days or in wet conditions or when a lot of torque is applied onto them during a ride.

Whereas the lock-on grips are popular amongst mountain bikers since they eliminate the rotation and twisting associated with the friction grips. The grips are fully secured to the handlebars with a single clamp or, more often, clamps on either or both ends of the grips. Employing a bolt to release and tighten the clamps makes the removal and installation easier than the friction grips.

Protecting the handlebar ends

Besides grip, comfort, control, and protection, the grips also offer protection to the handlebars’ ends. The bikes are more often being laid by tree trunks and rocks or across the jagged grounds on their sides, consequently causing grinding away from the ends, which can relegate your bikes’ performance. 

Grips that come with thick, solid ends protect the bars, particularly carbon bars, which are more susceptible to damage and wearing out. 

Grips greatly vary in their weights, which is added up by the amount of padding, ergonomic profile, and clamp configuration. The lightest grips are usually friction-styled foam grips, while the lock-on ergonomic grips hold significant weight.


The bike grips offer comfort without compromising on protection. They are vital for good bike exercise and ensuring control. While control is everything when you are riding your bike, don’t throw that away by overlooking and not using the bike grips.

With the guide and reviews we assembled, besides the well tested and sought out pros and cons, building your criteria accordingly and picking the right unit at a reasonable price now would be easy. 

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