5 Best Motorcycle Frame Sliders

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It shouldn’t take an accident or mishap for you to realize you need motorbike frame sliders. You don’t know how you are going to crash, and we wouldn’t know what to suggest then. 

However, you would know if you are an off-road dirt bike rider or an on-street cruiser because off-road and street crashes differ by a lot in terms of impact and speed. This should readily allow you to decide the amount of protective gear your ride and you need besides allowing us to figure out what will suit you best. 

The motorbike frame sliders are engineered to disperse the impact of the crash through the engine and across the frame. The sliders elevate the bike since they protrude out at the frame. Thus, they can warrant the safety of crucial and vital components from being grounded away to dust besides preventing the bike from flipping over or rolling.

To save you from bumping your head through each option available out there, we have compiled a review guide of the topmost 5 motorbike frame sliders that are bound to match or knock your criteria for the most high-grade service. To meet you in the middle of your decision-making and help you make the best choice through the never-ending options out there.

The bike frame sliders usually operate best where they have room and surface to slide, i.e., on the tarmac. The off-road surfaces, though, are usually softer. Still, a single case of contact like a slider would readily dig in and boost the bike flipping probability over during any mishap or crash, which would consequently enhance the intensity of the violent impact. 

1. Shogun Frame Sliders


  • The kits come with corrosion-resistant and high tensile strength hardware.
  • The off-set bracket kits are built from military aircraft graded aluminum ensuring its durability.
  • Optimal frame and vital component protection
  • These carbon sliders include black anodized T-6061 aluminum end tops. 
  • CNC-machined bike particular pucks
  • The high-density aluminum bushing is press-fitted in each puck piece, which lowers the overall chances of the puck tearing off the attachment points.
  • The UV-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and shatter-proof polymer ensure the impact is readily dispersed from the frame and through the engine as the bike slides during a mishap.


  • The price leans a bit towards the pricey side.
  • Difficult to fit right, if poor fitment then they can come off at very low-speed impacts 

Featuring CNC-machined (computer numerical control) pucks built from UV-resistant polymer makes Shotgun Frame Sliders abrasion-resistant shatter-proof on impacts. Plus, the polymer has been racing tested to ensure that your bike doesn’t take the crash’s full impact and can readily slide to disperse the intensity of the impact.

With each puck piece being press fitted with a high-density aluminum bushing, the Shogun Frame Sliders can lower the chances of the puck tearing off of its mounting and/or attached points. 

Designed by racers for the racer community, each of the single Shogun Frame Slider kits comes with an industry-leading high tensile strength hardware that is also corrosion-resistant. Machining the off-set bracket containing kits with military aircraft-grade aluminum, the Shogun Frame Slider finishes off the design with a black anodized coating.

2. R&G Racing Aero Frame Sliders


  • Aerodynamic teardrop shape design with sleek and streamlined outlook
  • HDPE constructed sliders impart high-friction characteristics to the sliders, which in turn help in slowing down the bike
  • The bolts bend instead of snapping off, thus warranting optimal protection levels.
  • Comes with heavy-duty machined steel and high-density nylon built.
  • Offers a high-grade quality finish and fitment 
  • De-embrittled steel bolts 
  • Uses CNC machined aluminum collar that bridges the robust mounting points


  • Finding replacement pucks or sliders is a sweat-breaking task.
  • Not compatible with KTM 1290 SDR
  • They block one of the bolts to remove the upper fairing after installation.

Employing an aerodynamic teardrop design, the Racing Aero Frame Sliders offer a sleek and streamlined outlook. 

With an industry-leading design that outdoes the traditional cylindrical frame design, the Racing Aero features heavy-duty machine steel and high-density nylon built for the sliders. Thus, making the Aero the highest-quality finish and fitment frame sliders that warrant optimal protection. 

Machined from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), the sliders boast high-friction characteristics, which help slow down the bike as the slider wears down. The high-end bolts are made from de embrittled steel that serve as shock absorbers and bend instead of snapping, reducing the overall damage on the mounting points and other crucial components of the bike.

3. Yoshimura Frame Sliders


  • CNC (computer numerical control) machined mounts
  • Plastic construction capable of slowing down the sliding
  • Elevates the bike off the track even during sliding
  • Employs a laser-etched Yoshimura logo inner sleeve
  • Includes an easy to understand and follow manual
  • The kit comes with durable and high-quality hardware 


  • The sliders are not equal in length.
  • The sliders are a bit short and offer protection to the frame and body plastics only.
  • The U clamps are tight and a little difficult to install

To save you from hundreds of bucks spent on repairing the damage, the Yoshimura frame sliders employ CNC machined mounts that minimize the damage levels upon impacts. 

Plastic construction imparts a soft feel and capability to slow down the sliding without wearing off yet durable enough to elevate your bike and keep it away from the track. 

4. Woodcraft Frame Slider Kit


  • Sliders are of an ideal length without too much projection.
  • Doesn’t require an off-set bracket for installation at the mounting points
  • With nearly 50% more additional material, the slider pucks are warranted to be solid instead of hollow.
  • The slider pucker can be readily replaced without having to remove the engine bolt.
  • Maximum tensile strength to resist bending and breaking
  • A patent 2-piece slider layout ensures durability. 
  • Damage control even at 100mph high side and crash impacts
  • Black anodized finish with a streamlined design
  • CNC-machine slider base frame
  • The kit comes with all the essential hardware 


  • It is a bit on the pricey side.
  • It is bulky
  • Getting the screws to line up to the engine bolts can be a little difficult.

Warranting damage control and protection even at 100mph high sides crash impacts or any scale street accidents, the Woodcraft Frame Sliders stand unparalleled in their service.

With the patented 2-piece slider layout, the woodcraft Frame Sliders ensure durability. Simultaneously, the mounting bolt offers assistance to the slider pucks to be solid instead of hollow, which significantly improves the puck life with nearly 50% more material addition. Plus, this layout allows easy replacement of the slider puck without removing or replacing the engine bolt after a crash or mishap.

Without any need for an off-set bracket to install the Woodcraft on the mounting points, this doesn’t only warrant easy installation but also imparts maximum tensile strength to the slider to resist bending and breaking in a crash efficiently. 

However, the experts at Woodcraft ensured that the frame sliders don’t protrude out of the bike to the point they get readily ripped off during the crash and cause more damage than preventing it as the bike slides down the street.

5. Puig Pro Frame Sliders


  • Require no modification of the bodywork
  • Offers engine and frame protection
  • Grey rubber bumper is included in all siders.
  • High-density nylon built 
  • Each puck mount is built from an aluminum bracket.


  • The bracket bends and scratches in sliding at a 60mph high side.
  • Bulky 
  • Not budget-friendly

Featuring a grand 130mm x 58mm high-density nylon built pucks, the Puig Pro Frame Sliders warrants durability without cutting back on protection. With every single puck mounting built right from a billet aluminum bracket, the Puig Pro sliders require no bodywork upgrade or modification of any sort.

Each mounting bolt is covered with a clean and fresh end cap employing PRO Puig logo covers. Furthermore, rider protection besides the ride protection is ensured with the rubber bumper on the back while facing the pointed end to avoid potential knee and shin injuries from the impact of any scale in a crash or mishap.


The set of above frame sliders is our top best picks for your ride. Though they might rise slightly towards the pricey scale point, we suggest that you don’t sweat and check them off the list and instead save up as the cheaper products will put your ride and safety in the line of the greater damage could have been avoided with better alternatives.

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