5 Best Harley Grips

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Any biker can just tell incredible details concerning riding a motorbike, and they are not wrong. However, you must know that keeping control and influence is one of the crucial aspects when riding your motorcycle before you get all ready for your trip. Most people will tell you how you operate pneumatic and braking mechanisms and many will easily forget to mention one thing – motorcycle grips.

Motorcycle grips are critical elements to establish and guarantee convenient and stable riding. The lengthier your journey, the more performance and adequacy of your grip become relevant. A variety of different kinds and designs are available for choice in the market. This can make it harder for people to know precisely which one is best in terms of you. We have some advice and insights that may assist you in getting the appropriate bunch the very first time if you are unsure about which Harley grips are the best.

Here are our top 3 choices if you are in hurry or don’t like reading too much.

Best Choice
Kuryakyn 6343 Premium ISO Handlebar Grips with Contoured Throttle Boss for Electronic Throttle...
Premium Choice
Roland Sands Design Contrast Cut Chrono Grips 0063-2036-BM
Best Value For Money
Avon Grips Black Air Cushion Excalibur Grips AIR-90-AN-FL-EX
Kuryakyn ISO Grips
Roland Sands Chrono Grips
Avon Air Cushion Excalibur Grips
Best Choice
Kuryakyn 6343 Premium ISO Handlebar Grips with Contoured Throttle Boss for Electronic Throttle...
Kuryakyn ISO Grips
Premium Choice
Roland Sands Design Contrast Cut Chrono Grips 0063-2036-BM
Roland Sands Chrono Grips
Best Value For Money
Avon Grips Black Air Cushion Excalibur Grips AIR-90-AN-FL-EX
Avon Air Cushion Excalibur Grips

A motorcycle, rather than a steering wheel, has a front suspension that carries the front wheel and supports the handles that the driver uses to operate the bike. This platform has all the advanced biking equipment, but most significantly, you perform the motion of the bike through it.

Beginners sometimes neglect the handgrip, but it’s important. It is an external handle that, from time to time, must be modified. For various bike structures, there are various varieties of grips so that you can choose the appropriate one for your bike. Listed below are a few Harley grips that are much appreciated by many riders.

1. Arlen Ness Fusion Deep Cut Grips For Harley


  • Billet aluminum detailing and linear knurled rubber
  • Integrated air pillows
  • Universally compatible 
  • Good grip


  • Tough to get a perfect fit
  • Hands might get tired 

These Fusion Grips have aluminum billet details on the end caps. They are also fitted with linear rubber on the grip and integrated air cushions. The structure of such grips increases friction to minimize transverse slippage of the throttle and to improve stability. The nature of these handles gives them a solid and gritty feel, which can be fatiguing for you during long riding times.

You have the possibility to pick anodized black or chrome to match your bike exactly. The inner necklace of these grips is 1 1/4 inch, making it universally compliant. Due to the uniform compatibility of these handles, you can find it difficult to match perfectly.

2. Kuryakyn ISO Grips For Harley With Dual Cable Throttle


  • Black and chrome detailing 
  • Able to withstand long-distance rides 
  • Reduces vibration 
  • Good grip


  • Fitting issues 

These grips are personalized and detailed in black and chrome. They are built for 2008 to 2019 Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They come with two cable throttle options or electrical throttle. The material with its soft rubber grip is well designed to minimize vibration throughout the controls while also giving a non-slip base. They come both in textured and normal shape to give you a tailored experience, perfect for full comfort in long-distance riding. They are a pair of sturdy grips.

You might find it challenging to mount these grips. This is particularly valid when the throttle is changed. The glue provided with the handles does not appear to hold for long, and this may cause the handlebars to rotate while riding. They have no standardized usability, so make sure they suit your bike before you attempt to attach them.

3. Avon Air Cushion Excalibur Grips For Harley


  • Comfortable
  • Made of billet aluminum 
  • Seamless rubber grip technology 
  • Soft serrated pattern for better grip Easy to install


  • Not padded 
  • Tough to get a perfect fit

Avon Grips were manufactured in the US and built to bring convenience and elegance into account. These unique black grips are composed of aluminum and incorporate smooth rubber grip engineering. The soft tightened pattern makes for improved hold and suits the 1-inch push-pull throttle sleeve. These handles are very simple to install and to look comfortable.

They do not look as voluminous as other fat aftermarket grips. They are smaller and narrower. The surface is outstanding and convenient if you have smaller hands. They look very clean too. Moreover, they don’t sense pressure which will reduce the tiredness of the hand. They are not, though, padded, and some riders might have difficulty. Also, some newer bikes are not compatible.

4. BikeMaster Heated Grips


  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable 
  • Universal design
  • Heated grips


  • Lack of an on/off switch
  • Take a few minutes longer to heat up

A universal style, with 1-inch or 7/8-inch handlebars, Bike Master Heated Grips comes with a five-stage temperature controller. The sleek and open architecture makes these heated grips both fashionable and practical and offers warmth quicker than conventional heated grips with a highly efficient design. It’s easy to install for them. Each grip has connections connected to the main grip. This key harness has a temperature sensor relation and terrain and positive leads. The package also comes with a glue tube to match the grip.

The heated grips feel a little wider and a little more difficult than the stock grips. The five temperature controllers specifically change the handles to prevent overheating. They produce a heat output of approximately 140 degrees at one to about 190 degrees at sixth. Any intermediate position is uniformly broken. These grips remain immune to harm even at high temperatures and are suitable for applications with 12V DC.

5. Roland Sands Chrono Grips For Harley With Dual Cable Throttle


  • High quality
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable 
  • Safe grip


  • Expensive 

The Chrono Grips provide a high degree of precision and style, focused on high-quality timepieces. These handles, which have been built to suit RSD’s Chrono line of items, add flair and elegance to your journey. The grips have both Custom RSD logo rubber and interchangeable RSD logo badges machined from aluminum or machined metal. Also included in this range are matching Chrono feet and shifter fasteners.

The Roland Sands Chrono Grips are available in pairs with chrome Contrast Cut™, Black Ops™, brass, and Machine Ops™, the Roland Sands Chrono Grips finishing. These high-quality grips can be mounted quickly. This product is manufactured in the United States and comes with assembly manuals, set screws, and all key 5/64.”

Motorcycle Grips Buying Guide - Harley Edition

While so many different manufacturers are currently available on the market, Harley-Davidson is an excellent company that boasts high-quality and long-lasting goods. This is why many Harley riders rely on high-profile gadgets and attachments from the producers themselves. With that being said, it is essential to know about your shortcomings and the benefits that come with the various styles of motorcycle grips.

Kinds of motorcycle grips

There are different kinds of motorcycle grips that accommodate a rider according to a certain need. These specific grips target your requirement and aid in making your hands comfortable throughout the ride, whether it is long or short.

  1. Heated Motorcycle Grips 

You could benefit from heated grip if you drive in cooler environments and even during the evening, where temperature levels may decline in colder climates. These grips are manufactured with a special cable link to the motorcycle battery. They can be changed such that based on the season and weather outside, the temperature of the handles can be updated. They are one of the easiest and convenient to use.

  1. Billet Rubber Grips

Those with billet rubber patterns are the most common type of grips. This solid and long-lasting substance mixes rubber and metal with varying combinations of both. They are both practical and fashionable, helping to make them so famous. Billet rubber handles are typically anodized and available in a wide range of colors and designs. You will want to choose the grip style Billet Rubber when longevity and convenience are your prerequisites.

  1. Iso Motorcycle Grips

The third most commonly used motorcycle grips are Iso Grips. These are equipped with a particular function that alienates vibration to alleviate the level of strain and discomfort that is built up in the hands-on longer trips. For those who want to lower the effect of bike vibration and give their hands a more relaxed holding experience with far less tension on the soft tissues and joints, Iso Grips are advisable.

  1. Throttle control grips

These grips help somewhat of a cruise control either by connecting electronically to your grip or by retaining it manually at a single location. This makes it possible for you to relax on longer trips. Although some bikes regularly come with this option, others don’t. Therefore these varieties of grips have become more prevalent at the moment.

Features for consideration

It is advisable to determine the different characteristics of the grips and the effect that these Harley-Davidson Grips can have on the rider’s comfort and convenience before making the decision. The features given below should be taken into consideration rightly according to your hands, their size, your requirements, as well as external factors like environment.

  1. Grip Contouring – Consider the contouring of the grips before deciding on getting them. Different factors need to be considered, which can be analyzed by asking a few questions. What are you going to feel in your hands? Some of the hands have a medium bulge, while others are grooved on their fingers. When you take a long flight, which one do you prefer? It is advisable to go as ergonomically as practicable to lower hand strain.
  2. Grip thickness – thinner and thicker grips are available to suit your requirements. If the grips are thicker, can they still easily suit your hands and hold? In certain situations, the thickness of the grip may affect its fit; the change of the handle is all about thickness. Determine the right thickness according to the size of your hands before making your decision. Greater than smaller hands, larger hands will handle them.
  3. Compound rubber – be wary of handles that are used to make the handle. Dual-compound rubber, you will find, is very common. The inner coating is a tougher compound rubber. This coating maintains the shape of the grip, which prevents the handlebar from sliding. The exterior coating is a smoother, more comfortable rubber compound. The twin compound handles are usually bigger, which can be recalled if the hands are smaller.
  4. Grip Pattern─ You might need to test multiple grip patterns to identify the one that is easy to carry and fits your hand comfortably. Smooth rubbers, waffles, and other textured grip patterns are available for you to choose according to your need and requirements.
  5. Flanges─ At the outside end of the handle, certain grips have a flickering flange. The goal is to ensure that the hand of the rider does not fall off the handle. In reality, however, this is not a function but rather a stylistic preference.
  6. Ride Style─ You will want to pick a group of handles that complement the design of your bike. Cruiser drivers are more inclined than sports riders to prefer rubber and chrome blends. Adventure riders prefer waffles to tract and as the handles get muddy.

Benefits of Motorcycle Grips

Motorcycle grips are an important attachment for any motorcycle rider, and the value of strong handlebar grips should be stressed. The manner in which you drive will have an old or broken grip without even understanding it. The handlebar grips allow riders to guide and manage the motorcycle more effectively. For someone on a motorcycle, this is imperative.

Not only is poor grip unpleasant and awkward, but it can also incredibly risky. It can lead to injuries in all facets of riding, from dirt bike running to road travel if you lose grip or just don’t feel relaxed. It is certainly worth looking for new handlebar grips if you feel your grip sliding or you get regular hand cramps when biking. They are advantageous and aid the rider in different aspects like comfort, control, and style.

  1. The comfort of hand and wrists

Many of you can complain about the numb sensation or poor circulation that you experience in your hands and wrists because of long rides or uncomfortable grips. The right grip will coat your grasp and comfort you when riding.

  1. Control

You will increase the power over your throttle, contingent on the kind of aftermarket grips you purchase. Your hand would not fall off if you use the right kind of grip.

  1. Style

It’s more than convenient to change the stock clasps for the aftermarket. A selection of grips can be selected that can improve the appearance of your bike. You should attempt to select a paint that suits your bike or maybe a chrome effect.


As you know, a new high-value pair of grips could improve the driving experience, reduce the numbness of your bike’s vibrations and enhance your bike’s look. Your fingers would also be grateful in winter for changing to heated grips. Finding a pair for your bike and your hands, the perfect motorcycle grips tend to depend on some important considerations.

To select the grip which suits you the most, you must first inspect the dimensions of the handlebars of your motorcycle. After that, you can choose the material you want to use as well as specify the budget so that most templates can be excluded. Finally, you can look for extra features like electric heating, cruise control aid, and vibration protection that will facilitate lengthy journeys, if required.

Motorcycle handles should be substituted regularly, especially when marks, scratches, or other defects on the surface begin to be found. Comfort is potentially the best motorcycle grip standard. The grasp itself is not nice to buy if you cannot grip the handle for hours to come. If you want to make sure your bike suits with the handle, look for the handles that are specially made for the making and fashion of your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all motorcycle hand grips universal in design?

Some of them try to be uniformly suitable as standard; others are unique to certain marks and motorcycle types. Look for a seller who can check by making and model to find the best grips for your bike. While the universal handle is logically acceptable, you will need to make some changes to suit it properly. Specially made handles for your bike would suit you better without the need for adaptation.

How do I replace the grip on a motorcycle?

Any fasteners or glue can also have to be withdrawn to slip off the grip. Old rubber grips are simple to detach and gently cut off with a sharp blade from the motorcycle handlebar. Then you will be using rubbing alcohol or soapy water to mount the new grips. Make sure not to twist when slipping the rubber on.

Do I have to use motorcycle hand grips?

Although you do not need to use your motorcycle handlebars grips legally, they make your motorcycle bars both pleasant and more stable. You worry about losing the hold and sliding the throttle when riding while only grasping the metal handlebar. Your hands will even start to get weary of the relentless metal.

What are the key aspects of maintaining your motorcycle grips?

Dirt, soil, water, and all kinds of materials will get entangled and lodged in the handle, resulting in wear and tear as it is used over time. Along with the rest of your motorcycle, frequent cleaning of the handlebars is important to keep it running to the fullest degree.

Moisture is an offender of material durability and helps to inhibit more degradation or unnecessary damage by taking time for the dry in all nooks and cranes. You can have replaced these grips overtime to maintain maximum performance, but proper maintenance must take a long time to sustain these grips for a longer period of time.

How do you fit or change a Handlebar Grip?

You would want to pull the old one out and give the handlebar a thorough clean before adding a new handlebar grip. Before you attach the new one, make sure that no soil or moisture is on the handlebar. The fit of the grip can differ based on your bike style, from slipping it down to unscrewing other sections for easier entry. The handle should be secure and stable.

In simple words, you first need to get your motorcycle ready and then remove the end bars. The next step will be to remove the old grips and clean the bars so that no moisture or dust is left behind. Finally, Install the new set of grips by quickly sliding the grips inside the handlebar all the way up until it flushes against the inside of your bike handlebars.

How do I keep my motorcycle grips from slipping?

The use of hairspray is an effective method to prevent motorcycle grips from shimmying off the handlebar. Just spray the inside of the grips and slide your grips on if they are still wet; they will stick firmly over the night and not slip or slide when riding the bike.

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