10 Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

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To enhance your overall riding experience, a Bluetooth headset has great importance. These devices make it possible to chat with the riders over an intercom or phone without stopping on the way. Not only that, during the journey, they give you different audio options in your helmet. What’s more, you can make and receive calls, get guidance from audio GPS, or listen to music. 

On that note, we will tell you the best budget motorcycle Bluetooth headset you can have in your motorcycle helmet. Read on to stay away from this exhaustive search.

1. Sena 30K Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset


  • Compatible with a Remote Controller 
  • Reduces the background noise
  • Smart Voice Command feature
  • Utility Apps for both the operating systems 
  • Offers different modes with the Ambient Mode button
  • Great battery time


  • Slow app
  • Voice commands may not be useful at highway speed

This is the first candidate from our list of the best budget motorcycle intercom. This unit comes with 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your mobile phone, audio player, and GPS. With this headset, audio Multitasking has become the new normal. It remains on always and is configurable with the Mesh Intercom. 

The Mesh range of this headset is about 1.2 miles between two users. However, for a group head-to-tail, this range exceeds 5 miles. This range is for suitable conditions, such as a landscape without greenery, towers, and even vehicles. 

With other comm systems, you need to take off and replace the helmet’s padding to adjust the wires for the speakers and microphone. That can take some time, but the process is not that complicated.

This unit comes with an advanced Quick Charge feature to give three hours of Mesh stress-free talk time. You have to charge it for 20 minutes at home or with a bower bank when you’re out. To aid you in managing the setting of the headset, there is a Utility App that you can use on your phone. For reference, you can download the user guide to your phone.

2. Cardo Freecom 4 Plus Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset


    • Connects with Voice Operation 
    • It is Water and Dustproof
    • Offers Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity  
    • Provides talk time of 13 hours  
    • Interchangeable boom and corded microphone options, 
    • Automatic volume adjustability 
    • Inbuilt FM Radio


  • It is not that loud
  • Complicated guide

When music is combined with motorcycling, the journey becomes pleasant. This company provides an exceptional listening experience whether you are passing a mountain or moving fast from a highway. This is the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset for music for bike-to-bike conferencing. By touching the device or with a command, you can take calls, make a phone call, and control your smartphones.

This device has an FM Radio with RDS to help you choose the strongest signal automatically. If you love music, this headset will let you control and share your many tunes while riding. You can connect a Bluetooth headset to any device by different brands. Not only that, it adjusts the volume depending on the noise from the surrounding by itself. 

Bikers can use a 12V charger to turn the headset when they run out of battery. The app is quite easy and intuitive. Also, you can allow more than one person to join the intercom conversation. To stay close on the road, your friends can call to intercom anytime. It is a 4-way Bluetooth intercom communication system that ensures a range of 1. 2km.

3. Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset


  • Less setup time
  • Easy to use and install 
  • Rapid device pairing
  • Jog Dial feature for volume adjustments
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty card


  • Smaller speakers 
  • You may encounter software bugs

The SMH10D-11 headset by Sena connects seamlessly to many Bluetooth devices. It has hands-free Profile and Audio Distribution Profile technologies for streaming audio tracks. Currently, every cellphone has the HSP/HFP feature because media streaming units like MP3 players and audio sound cards are compatible Advanced Audio Distribution Profile for sharing audio files with other devices.

The SMH10D-11 is a famous model in its class because of the amazing features. There is a super easy Jog Dial feature to volume up or down the voice, music, and intercom individually. Phones that are already connected can store various volume levels. Hence, you can hear the incoming calls clearly. You don’t have to tolerate much volume after switching to music streaming. 

Sena is a well-known brand, so bikers have high expectations with this motorcycle Bluetooth headset. This best budget motorcycle Bluetooth headset fits multiple types of helmets. When you purchase this unit, you get a universal Microphone Kit. based on your convenience; you can pick between the boom microphone and the wired microphone for installation.

If the headset doesn’t work on an occasion, the makers offer a two-year warranty anytime. It provides coverage for the workmanship issue within the 2 years after the purchase. As a buyer, you must keep the warranty card carefully for the future.

4. Sena 5S Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset


  • Extended battery life
  • High-class sound quality
  • Latest 5.0 Bluetooth version 
  • Offers a wide range of 700 meters
  • Comes at a cheap price


  • The headset fails to clip properly into every type of helmet
  • A wall charger is absent in the kit

Usually, the cost is the most crucial factor when you decide to purchase gear. Fortunately, this model is on the market at an affordable value. This unit by Sena is packed with features and is released in a single as well as a dual pack. Both the kits include the essential accessory that you may require.  

These speakers are comfortable for regular use. The single pack of this headset consists of the speakers, a clamp unit, an adapter for surface mounting, a microphone with cords, microphone sponges, corded boom microphone, Allen wrench, a holder for boom microphone, fasteners for each accessory, and a USB cable. Similarly, the dual pack has these items in a double quantity.

That means, at the price of this headset, you will get every important accessory. Therefore, it’s undoubtedly the best budget motorcycle intercom. The module has the ability to bear extreme temperatures. From freezing temperatures at -10°C to hotter days at 55°C, it will not stop working.

It also has a multifunctional jog dial to help in increasing and decreasing the volume. However, some customers say that it is a bit confusing to use.  For a helmet speaker, the voice quality of this model is excellent. Additionally,  it understands voice commands in 8 distinct commonly used languages.

5. LEXIN FT4 PRO Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset


  • Unique utility headlamp with SOS mode
  • Loud and clear sound system
  • Longer battery life 
  • Allows 18 hours of audio streaming 
  • 15 hours of talk time
  • Ensures quick charge
  • RGB Trim light with seven wonderful colors


  • Set up is tough

The is the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset for music in the entire Industry. They have invented a Utility Headlamp and added an optional SoS Mode in this helmet. That is why it is technically sound, as it provides assistance in any low-light conditions. When you need to check the saddlebag or solve mechanical problems or emergencies, this lamp is advantageous.

This headset will let you talk for an unlimited period. Whether you have one person with you or a whole group, with the 4.0 Bluetooth Headset, you can connect with your pals. You can listen to music simultaneously. You can connect to navigation systems for directions. In case you don’t have music on your phone, relax. The built-in FM Radio has 6 stations presets. After connectivity, let’s talk about the sound quality.

You can hear music, voice calls, GPS, or intercom without any disturbance at the right frequencies. The LexinPulse 40MM Speakers are loud enough, so you can focus on the music and obviously the road.

This model supports exactly 4 connections. You get to select from 7 color RGB LED Trim light. And, the trim light is a unique feature of this helmet. These colors match your style, vibe, gadget, and helmet.

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets Under $100

1. LEXIN LX-B4FM Motorcycle Intercom


  • Unbelievably affordable
  • Unmatched audio quality
  • Big accessible buttons


  • The quality of the clip is poor

For music lovers, this unit with 4-way connectivity is a brilliant option. As far as motorcycle riding is concerned, you will find two types of people. The first one prefers to hear music while the other one doesn’t. But, this helmet is the best budget motorcycle Bluetooth headset because of the easy usage and affordability.

On top of that, it’s secure while you move at any speed. The big buttons given on the unit are huge. Due to that, you can operate it with your gloves on. You can press the buttons with one hand as well. To change the track or adjust the volumes, you have to hold a button only. Using this system is a complete pleasure.  

It has an outstanding stereo, so you can listen to every word of the lyrics. The connection does not lag when you have this unit. Needless to say, you will not encounter signal interference. In addition to that, it has voice activation for the time when you have can’t use the buttons. With the IP67 waterproofing level, it can withstand splashes of water. Plus, it has an extended 300 hours battery life that guarantees 15 hours of working time.

To eliminate the annoying noise from the outside, it has noise-canceling features. Moreover, you can connect with four of your companions in a 1500 meter range. There is an FM Radio channel when you get tired of your playlist.

2. FODSPORTS M1-S Plus Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset


  • Great bass response
  • Low priced
  • Eight riders can connect
  • Comes with two mics
  • Withstand dust and water


  • Bass quality drops at a certain speed
  • High winds affect the sound quality
  • Lacks built-in FM radio

This model has a 4.1 connectivity that is in almost all the contenders on our list. Yet, the stability and support of this model make it the best budget motorcycle Bluetooth headset. The setup takes a couple of minutes. The usability of the system is fine. As compared to other rivals, it has the ability to connect with twice the number of bikers. It is a reliable and secure choice for everyone. 

The makers deliver a superb way to stay in touch with other bikers, or companions, and family. The sound quality is above average, noise-canceling ability, and budget-friendly. The design of the system allows voice control commands.

The unit has an intercom communication with a range of 1.2 miles. Between two bikes, the maximum distance is approximately 0.3 miles. This ensures that seven riders communicate with each other. Furthermore, hands-free communication is more secure. In your group, you can share music or turn off the intercom system.

Besides that, GPS navigation is available in this helmet. You don’t have to pull out your phone to make sure in the right direction. The directions are audible, and you can stream them through your headset. This system has a membrane monomer for top-notch sound quality. The speakers offer reproducibility, high-quality sound even when you are going fast.

3. FreedConn T-COMVB Helmet Bluetooth Headset Intercom


  • Wide 800m range
  • Integrated FM Radio
  • Waterproof to protect it against harsh weather
  • Rechargeable battery with good battery time


  • Not that durable

The range of this headset is 800m, so the intercom channel gets hard to hear once you hit the limit of the range. You can listen to the radio station. The FM Radio function is a bonus for those who like to hear commercials, etc. You can activate it by a button press combo. And, there is a jog dial too. 

This is the best budget motorcycle Bluetooth headset with a reasonable playback. The A2DP profile and an instant spin of the jog dial. The audio from the mic is clear. The battery life is sufficient for long-distance rides. It permits you to have a conversation on the intercom while playing your favorite song or GPS instructions at the same time.

It has a DSP echo cancellation property for adequate noise suppression. The speakers ensure that the surrounding noise doesn’t bother you. It minimizes the background noise to a low extent. Thus, your rides become smooth and peaceful.

You can have a rider-to-rider conversation without stopping music on a 4-5 hour ride. Our team has tested that you can listen to music for almost an 8-hour ride. The Velcro attaches the intercom to the helmet, but it is not that secure.

4. Yideng Bluetooth Headset Intercom


  • Works well at a limit of 125km/hr.
  • Waterproof body
  • Exceptional range of 1000m
  • High-definition quality of the audio
  • Amazingly easy to install
  • One-year warranty by the company


  • Voice is unclear at high speed

If you are planning to go cruising around with your buddies, you must think about a way to communicate with them. This is the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset for music to solve your problem a delightful. It has a design to make the communication between 2-3 riders simple. It is a fantastic pick for rides of up to 1000 meters.

It has the capability to allow exemplary smooth communication when you’re riding your hog at speeds. It has a DSP echo cancelation feature to prevent any hurdles while talking. The noise suppression delivers high-class audio. 

Apart from that, the intercom pairs with your phone and ensure listen audio streaming to make makes hands-free calls, turn on GPS voice instructions, etc.

The design of this Bluetooth helmet is waterproof that assists you to conversate without thinking about the weather impacting your discussion or functionality of the unit. There is a one-year manufacturer warranty for the customers to have faith in ordering this device.

5. THOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset


  • Audio quality is great for the price
  • Switches to phone Bluetooth seamlessly
  • Has great customer Support
  • FM Radio is great


  • Range is short
  • The noise gets louder on highways

This device supports many devices that include MP3 players, phones, and multiple earpieces. No matter which riding style you use, you won’t have to remove your hands from the handlebar to answer a phone call or to change the radio channel. 

This model has to let many riders speak at the same time. For many enthusiasts, the voice conferencing system plays a huge role in finalizing the decision. It is equipped with voice canceling technology to be useful in specific road conditions, such as traffic, etc.

It is compatible with hundreds of half-face and full-face helmets from famous brands. Nevertheless, if the internal space of your helmet is less, you must check out the size of your helmet first. A large push-button is present on the device to control functions, especially when you have gloves on.

More interestingly, the headset is waterproof. According to this claim, during heavy rain, you don’t need to remove the headset. Because of the silica gel waterproof material incorporated in the design, it shows high resistance to weather changes.

Budget Motorcycle Headset Buying Guide

Whenever you read a motorcycle intercom review, there are a lot of features that may confuse you. However, we will tell you the thing that you must consider.

Intercom Range of a Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

For those who only need a motorcycle intercom to chat with a fellow rider, then the range of the gear won’t be a problem for you. Still, if you are into city riding or you ride in big groups, though, you are going to need more range for communication. In simple words, a range of almost 500 yards will be alright when you will small groups. A range of more than 1000 yards is required when you go for city riding.

Apart from that, a mesh intercom will be very useful when you go out of range. It keeps the whole group connected. Automatically, this system finds and reconnects you with the other devices when they return within the range.

Sound Quality of the Right Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom 

The working of a Bluetooth motorcycle intercom system depends on the speed you are riding. Usually, almost every intercom works perfectly at a speed of 40 mph. That is because when you ride at significantly high speeds, the noise of the wind gets louder. In this case, you won’t be able to hear what the other person on the intercom says.

Hence, for an uninterrupted conversation, you need a system with noise-reducing features. Also, a Bluetooth headset with digital signal processing delivers a clear voice.

Suitable Technology 

Today, we all prefer wireless systems, as they are easier to handle. So, if you are planning to buy a wireless intercom for your bike, you will have options. Because of the popularity of these systems, makers use a number of technologies to satisfy the customers. 

There are two types of frequencies, i.e., GMRS or FRS. Also, this is the technology that is used for walkie-talkies. Most of us have seen how walkie-talkies work. Even though they deliver a good range, they are public frequencies. That means strangers may hear your chit-chat with the other passengers.

Another famous technology is FM. Besides that, it delivers a clear sound. For this frequency to work, there must be zero obstructions in the path. And, it is a public frequency as well. Because these technologies do not ensure your privacy, you may need a Bluetooth system.

With the best budget motorcycle Bluetooth headset, you can talk with other riders with any hurdles. As a plus point, you can talk with your bike and smartphone. There is one downside of this system: the range is low. To cover a wider range, Bluetooth may be integrated with other technologies.

Helmet Speakers For Music

Many riders prefer to listen to the radio or music while riding to keep themselves entertained. Subsequently, some riders may feel the need for the music-sharing feature on Bluetooth intercoms. Hence, the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset for music is the one that gives you the option to play your playlist when you connect it to a phone.

Voice Control

Generally, the intercom system for bikes is activated with your voice. Sometimes, you don’t want to take a call while you are on the road. So, find the intercom that lets you turn off the voice control feature whenever you want to. For this reason, there are manual switches in these systems.


Every unit on our list of the best budget motorcycle Bluetooth headset consists of mind-blowing features. We really hope that this review will help the readers to understand why there are hundreds of headsets available on the market. 

Due to this, finding the best budget motorcycle intercom can be a challenge for everyone. If you are searching for a communication system to use with the helmet during your ride, make sure you are aware of the features you need. Plus, it is better to go through the details mentioned in our buying guide to find a brilliant device for a tranquil journey. 

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