Sena 50S Vs 50R Comparison

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In 1998, Tae Y. Kim developed Sena Technology. In the world of Bluetooth networking technology, the organization has always been making waves. By launching the first intercom headset in history, Sena made history in 2010. That was during a period when intercom technology was almost unheard of.

The Bluetooth intercom sector has been dominated by the company in nearly all aspects be it for sports motorcycles and outdoor activities. It produces products that range from intercom to smart helmets as well as bicycling helmets with embedded cameras.

With its revolutionary Bluetooth 5 technology as well as Mesh 2.0 Intercom sound, the new Sena 50R and 50S are the newest flagship intercoms from the revolutionary manufacturer. The product is easier to use; it is more efficient and more detailed.

There are several reasons why Mesh 2.0 has gained notoriety. In the world of motorcycle intercoms “Mesh” is a complimentary term and is justified. It makes all the workings of the device seem seamless, like pairing, grouping, separating, and rejoining.

Sena 50S


  • Mesh 2.0 permits almost unlimited ties with other cyclists 
  • The Open Mesh Intercom system is nearly limitless 
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Phone pairing is used. 
  • HD speakers are restructured and revamped 
  • Voice Commands in multiple languages  
  • Remote assistant control allowed by speech 
  • The glove-friendly jog dial design 
  • Speaking time of 9 hours for Mesh and 14 hours for Bluetooth
  • The battery is equipped with fast charging and is ready to go in 20 minutes

Since it uses Sena’s traditional helmet clamp, The “S” may be considered a Standard headset provided by the company. A fast-release mechanism is supported by the sleek 50S.  The biggest advantage of the 50S fast release clamp system is that you can charge the intercom by taking it off.  If you break for lunch and intend to charge, you will be able to just take the pocket-sized device and not carry the whole helmet into the cafeteria. The 50S is also very temperature tolerant and water-resistant along with its clamp.

The intercom headset of Sena 50S provides major progress to the connectivity of motorcycles. The recently updated Mesh 2.0 network offers solid, stable links in two mesh intercom modes. The multi-Channel open mesh provides connectivity with virtually infinite drivers and allows you to switch between nine networks. Community Mesh supports a private group of up to 24 people. Mesh 2.0 Intercom allows you to connect with other riders up to 5miles or 8km (min. 6 drivers at intervals of 1 mi / 1.6 km).

Linking with the Bluetooth 5.0 enables you to connect to your cell phone so that your headset can have hands-free functionality. The 50S pairs your mobile so, therefore, your music is easily heard, your GPS navigation can be referred to and you can even call while you are riding. The 50S is the complete package that provides multi-language voice command support in 8 languages, which keeps riders connected throughout their journey.

It has a voice-activated wireless helper control that helps you to use the hands-free capabilities of a smartphone through the Google voice assistant or Apple’s Siri. The software has improved HD Speakers for audio quality, offering enhanced volume and clarity as well as a Wi-Fi Cord for charging the system, and downloading/installing firmware updates over Wi-Fi networking.

Sena 50R Overview

Sena 50R


  • Mesh Networking for nearly unrestricted connectivity 
  • Open Mesh Multi-Channel Protocol allows users to switch between 9 command channels
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Phone pairing is used. 
  • HD speakers are restructured and revamped 
  • voice Commands in multiple languages  
  • Remote assistant control allowed by speech 

The 50R has been designed for the route that is less taken. Even in the most chaotic runs, the 50R has been robust and equipped with Mesh 2.0. This small system is filled with an enormous amount of impact. It is one of the lowest profile intercoms in Sena yet, with a lightweight charger, smart mounting features, and no aux port. The 50R will adhere directly to your helmet to ensure full protection from the outside elements.

The low-profile headset, 50R includes sophisticated technology as well as a Bluetooth feature. The revised Mesh 2.0 Intercom helps riders to access a network in two separate mesh intercom modes with stable and secure links. The Multi-Channel Open Mesh allows almost a countless number of users to connect on nine channels within a range of 50R. Community Mesh now enables users to create a private contact group of up to 24 members in the vicinity.

The Bluetooth 5 compatibility lets you pair your mobile phone with your audio or music, listen to GPS commands, and you can even call while you are riding. An optimized FM radio helps you to hear local radio channels with up to 10 presets. The system functions can also be managed with multi-language voice instructions or with the three-button layout; you can get access to the digital Voice Assistant like Apple’s Siri or the Google voice assistant and can use the hands-free functions of a smartphone.

The 50R features the updated, refurbished, and configured HD speakers for personal comfort and audio performance, including major volume, bass, and clarity upgrades. The computer can also be loaded with the Wi-Fi Cable and the firmware upgrades can be downloaded or updated in an automated manner through a Wi-Fi connection.

Differences Between Sena 50S and Sena 50R

There is an explanation of why the letters in the title ’50’ are distinct for these two items. While they are smaller than a deck of cards, the 50R and 50S vary a great deal; there is ample variation to guarantee that they are discussed in a different portion.

Button Design

the most obvious difference between the two wireless headsets can be seen physically. The 50S uses the conventional Jog dial button style with just a minor difference from the usual design. The 50R, however, is built with a 3-button layout.


Using the supplied clamp package, you can install the 50S on a helmet. If the clamp kit cannot be mounted, then it would be possible to install the headset on the outside of the helmet using the Glued Surface Mounting Adapter. The 50R is, however, usable on a helmet by means of an adhesive, double-sided adhesive, or a clamp package with a hook and a loop fastener that are included in the unit.

Clamp Kits

The 50S features an AUX slot for an MP3 player not enabled with Bluetooth. It also has a 3.5 mm built-in earbud port that allows you to use your audio earbuds instead of the high-quality speakers that are included.


The 50S contains three separate microphone types: a boom, a wired boom, and a wired microphone. The 50R consists of two different types of microphones: a wired boom mic as well as a wired mic.

Ambient Audio Feature

By double-tapping, the Ambient Mode button on the base of the clamp kit the 50S will activate an internal microphone to enable the ambient Audio feature. This functionality is sadly not present in the 50R.

Group Intercom

By using the Ambient Mode button on the base of the clamp pack, the 50S is able to enable the Intercom capability in order to establish a chat through a multi-way intercom. By taping on the Plus (+) button and the Minus (-) button the 50R will activate the Community Intercom function once at a time.


You would be interested in the 50S if you want to squeeze the last hour of your battery life on your tablet or laptop. The 50S has a maximum battery life of one hour over the 50R. This is because it is a bit heavier than the 50R battery. 

The 50S is 9 hours of talking time for the Mesh Intercom and 14 hours for Bluetooth Intercom when fully loaded. Meanwhile, the 50R has 8 hours of intercom time via mesh and 13 hours of intercom time on Bluetooth.

No AUX port or integrated 3.5 mm earbud adaptors are included in the 50R. The 50R operates quite well with the Split Cable of the 50R Earbud Adapter. You can use the cable that is compatible with the headset.


The sleek 50R is crafted for robust strength and confidence. The 50S is built to easily have the same sound clarity. They are both powered by Bluetooth 5 and feature the brand-new one-click intercom Mesh 2.0, HD speaker system, fast charging, voice-activated personal assistant connectivity, and 9-channel service.

Both house Sena’s new software and hardware technologies. And the two sets of equipment are amazing. When you are shopping for a top-of-the-line intercom for traveling, head to the 50S for an easy-to-use clamp pack. The 50R doesn’t let you down if you’re searching for a low profile intercom that can handle the surrounding elements in a given situation.

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