Shoei RF-1400 Review

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Shoei launched the RF range of helmets in 1984, and since then, the RF helmets have become one of the most prominent lids of the Japanese brand. Over more than 30 years, the RF series has been improved and new technical and practical changes have been introduced with each upgrade.

Shoei explains this development of RF helmets with the Japanese word Kaizen, which translates as “change for the better” or “continuous improvement” and is more than apparent in the latest Shoei RF-1400.


The Evolution of Perfection is the apt slogan for the RF, one of the oldest, most adorned full-face helmet styles in the SHOEI series.  The phase of improvement is a continuous transformation, and with a world-class team of designers and engineers leading the way, they have driven their resources and technology to the edge, leveraging their state-of-the-art wind tunnel plant, a wide variety of patented products, and the sector’s most robust and reliable performing techniques to develop the all-new RF-1400.

This new design has advanced in style, usability, and efficiency over its predecessor, with the latest, top-of-the-line technology and components such as wind tunnel-tested and optimized aerodynamics and airflow efficiency, as well as a lightweight, aerodynamic shell structure with an incorporated spoiler.

It has the lightest and a very portable SNELL-approved full-face helmet style that Shoei ever produced; an all-new shield and base plate design for improved vision and efficiency, as well as a noise-reduction feature that eliminates excessive wind and road noises. The RF-1400 has brought the search for excellence to the next degree.

Aerodynamics & Noise Reduction


The RF-1400 has been produced and perfected in SHOEI’s state-of-the-art, in-house wind tunnel facility from the very early stages of existence. The lightweight, aerodynamic shell shape with an integral spoiler is carefully designed so that air intake and exhaust openings help to optimize the overall model.  It features remarkable advances in aerodynamic efficiency and lowers the pressures on the rider’s head; the rise in lift forces is -6 percent while the forwarding drag reduction force is -4 percent.

Noise Reduction

This Ideal helmet has maximum shell aerodynamics that decreases the wind noise around the helmet and the Vortex Generators on the sides of the shield decreases the wind disturbances. The All-new, sealed window beads have a wind/waterproof barrier, and the New, florid cheek pads and adjustable ear pads greatly mitigate the noise of the wind inside the helmet. The RF-1400 offers an extremely silent riding environment without blocking the insightful sounds of the route.

Ventilation Performance

Ventilation System

Using SHOEI’s in-house wind tunnel to better show the perfect compromise of ventilation and silence, SHOEI’s developers shifted the center/forehead vent and also fitted it with an extra air intake opening to further maximize the amount of cooling air exiting the helmet.

Also, the new, expanded exhaust vent allows enabling efficient use of the negative pressure suction at the back of the helmet, resulting in an increased hot-air ejection. The overhead air intake spaces have been widened for maximum efficiency. There is also a wide 3-position low ventilation outlet for convenience of use with riding gloves. All told, the RF-1400 has six flexible air intakes and four always-open emission outlets.

CWR-F2 Shield System

CWR-F2 Shield

The all-new CWR-F2 shield model has increased visibility, usability, and efficiency over its predecessor. The 2D “flat” outer layer paired with 3D inner design provides an offensive appearance with enhanced visibility for a more realistic vision. It maintains a distortion-free view across the whole range of vision.

The pin-lock Evo fog-resistant device is 10% higher for better lateral visibility and also defends from 99 percent of dangerous UV rays from sunlight. It has Vortex generators on the sides of the shield to boost aerodynamics and minimize wind noise, and an all-new strategically placed central locking system helps to equally disperse shield forces over both spring-loaded foundation plates.

CWR-F2 Base Plate System

CWR-F2 Base Plate

The CWR-F2 BASE PLATE SYSTEM has been revamped to enable faster, simpler Shield Adjustments and the new Shield Adjuster configuration allows faster, more reliable adjustment. The Redesigned Base Plate Gear has an all-new “first position” shield opening ability for enhanced venting and defogging as well as an all-new airtight window beading that eliminates wind and water infiltration. The proprietary spring-loaded invention of SHOEI guarantees windproof and waterproof protection.


Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ Shell

Helmet versatility and durability are of paramount importance. The overall riding and racing experience, along with the protection it offers forms the vital framework on which a luxury helmet is constructed. The RF-1400 contains the SHOEI-exclusive Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ casing, the patented Dual-Layer/Multi-Density EPS lining, and the Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S.).

The Multi-Ply Matrix Aim+ shell is a patented innovation that incorporates a multi-ply matrix uniquely developed according to SNELL M2020 and DOT specifications. It is hand-woven intertwined layers of fiberglass with compact organic and high-performance materials. SHOEI’s highest, lightest; most flexible shell ensures maximum absorption of impact; a shell-integrated spoiler with a constant thickness of shell ensures sufficient power and stability.

Dual-layer/multi-density EPS Liner

Dual-layer/multi-density EPS Lining of RF-1400 Offers increased absorption effect by using differing foam densities. It enables coolant flow to pass unregulated into tunnels formed by the EPS, and the careful positioning of multi-density EPS material results in a more efficient, durable build.

The Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S.) helps emergency medical staff to extract the cheek padding from the wounded rider’s helmet quickly and securely. The helmet can be carefully removed from the head of the wounded rider with a minimum load imposed on his head and neck.


3D Max-Dry Interior System II

The RF-1400 is fitted with a completely removable, washable, flexible, and interchangeable 3D Max-Dry Interior System II which is effective in dissipating moisture 2x faster than conventional nylon interiors. Its newly developed cheek pads have more bulk on the bottom for better support and decreased wind noise, and the comfortable and sturdy lower cheek pad fabric offers an exceptionally smooth fit and feel.


The Shoei RF-1400 is the newest edition to the RF series and a follow-up to the RF-1200 launched in 2013. To this end, the RF-1400 boasts some crucial enhancements over the preceding model regarding aerodynamics, convenience, noise and vision.

The RF-1400 has a moderate to lengthy oval shape and its 3D Max-Dry indoor pads can be extracted for washing, and users can adjust the density of the pads for a personalized fit. The sizes of the RF-1400 ranges from XS to XXL and requires four basic shell sizes that are  XS-S, M, L and XL-XXL to guarantee that consumers can achieve a much better alignment.

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